Kathryn Mekelburg Running For Robbinston School Board

My name is Kathryn Mekelburg and I am running for the vacant seat on the Robbinston School Board. I believe I am the best qualified candidate to fill that position.

I have 26 years of experience as a Massachusetts elementary school teacher and hold a Masters Degree in Education and earned further graduate credits at Leslie College.

I moved here with my husband 20 years ago and found this town to be very welcoming. We wanted to escape the pollution and fast pace of living and found clean air and a much slower pace here. Over the years we built a wildlife sanctuary and have welcomed many visitors.

I believe a school board should consist of members representing all the people in town. Right now, the school board consists of parents with children in school. If my opponent is elected, he will make the board entirely of parents with children in school. What about those of us who don’t have children in the Robbinston School or who are retired on a fixed income. If elected, I will represent them.

The school budget takes up over 80% of the total town budget. This is unsustainable. I know of people in town who are trying to sell their house but when a potential buyer finds out what  the property taxes are, they lose interest.

I am asking you to vote for a change by voting from March 31st. Let your opinions be heard. Voting will take place from 1 pm – 8 pm at the grade school. If you can’t make it, call the town clerk and request an absentee ballot. Together we can make a difference.