The Dragon’s Den

Camille Howard

Welcome back to the Dragon’s Den! This week at WHS was the annual and beloved Winter Carnival, and we’re going to give you the entire low-down on this week’s week of friendly class competition. This year, the theme was Winter Olympics, and each class was assigned a country. So let’s hand in our applications and get down to business.

On Monday, we had Pajama Day, Crazy-Hair Day, and Crazy-Make Up day. One particular highlight was a junior high student who made her hair look like cup cakes and the dozens of students who were able to get their hands on footie pajamas. That afternoon the students played a series of Minute to Win It games, including “Punch Your Lights Out,” a game where students had to throw been bag chairs at push lights and turn them on, and “Drop, Sink, Clink,” in which students drop quarters into fishbowls filled with water and try to get that quarter into a smaller cup at the bottom of the bowl.

Tuesday was Backwards day, Superhero day, and Opposite Day. Lots of Batmen and People with their shirts on backwards were walking around the halls. That afternoon we played lots of larger games, like dodgeball, the texting competition, and limbo! The dodgeball competition ran a little bit over schedule, but students from the classes in the finals, the freshmen and the seniors, were able to stay after school and finish the match.

Wednesday was Celebrity and Group day, and in the afternoon we played many bigger, more athletic games- ping pong, badminton, and the much beloved wheelie chair race- where students sit in wheelie chairs and are pushed by other members of their class around the gym. After the winter carnival games now Wednesday, we had a pep rally to get ready for the boys playoff game! The pep rally starred the cheerleading team, Police Chief Bob Fitzsimmons, and the members of the boys’ basketball team. It had been a few years since there was a pep rally at WHS, and the student body has really appreciated the return of these energizing sessions of school spirit!

Speaking of the boys’ play off game, BOTH of our basketball teams had playoff games this week. The girls’ team went off to Schenk high school to play a tough team, and although they weren’t able to come out victorious, they played a worthy game and a great season. The boys had a home game against Bangor Christian high school, and the stadium was packed for the exciting game. At the end, the boys lost the game, but they played excellently, and also had a great season run. Great Winter Sports season, students!

On Thursday, which was the last day of winter carnival because of a snow day on Friday, the themes were Redneck/Formal (an annual favorite) and What I Want to be When I Grow Up day. Also, the judging for Hallway decorating took place. Every class had to decorate their hallway to represent a country- the Seniors had France, the Juniors had the USA, the Sophomores had Ireland, the Freshmen had Jamaica, and the Junior High had England. The winners for Hallway decorating were as follows- third place: Seniors; second place: Juniors; and first place: the Junior High. All the hallways looked beautiful- especially since the deadline was moved one day earlier.

Also on Thursday was the popular game Spontaneous Elimination, a game where the contestants have no idea what they’re going to have to do when they sign up. The first round of the competition this year was a race- students lay on blankets on the floor and keeping their entire body on the floor- had to get from one end of the gym to the other. Those who finished that round had to do their best impersonation of a dinosaur, and their success was determined by the applause from the crowd. The three finalists in this round- a senior, a sophomore, and a student from the junior high- had to tell the school about the class country in an accent from that country, with their accuracy judged by history teacher Ms. Gibson. The winner was Mary Dickey, a sophomore, who did a beautiful Irish accent.  Also on Thursday, students played 3-on-3 basketball, Ultimate Rock Paper Scissors, and the car crunch- where classes try to fit as many students as possible into a tiny car. It was a fun last hoo-rah for the Winter Carnival.

Because of a technical difficulty, the winners of Winter Carnival are not currently known but when we return from the vacation, we’ll have the winners ready to be posted. Until then, have a great vacation, students, and thank you, readers, for checking in.