Town News

Linda Baniszeski

Happy Valentine’s greetings to all! ... especially Louise Lee who celebrates her birthday on the 14th.  This is also the perfect date for doing something nice for loved ones since everyone should be told how much they mean to us at least one special day per year. There are nice events going on around Calais this weekend that will make the holiday even more special.  On the 15th: the Golden Harmony concert starts at 6:30 p.m. at 2nd Baptist Church; and there might still be time to get tickets to the Lioness Red Dress Event at Calais Motor Inn starting at 6 p.m.  However your day is celebrated, warm wishes for a good one!

Mike Johnson enjoyed celebrating his birthday in the Bangor area last weekend with his daughter Abby, son Ben and their families.  The older we get, time spent with families and loved ones is often the best gift of all. 

Congratulations to Meddybemps’ own Mona VanWart.  She was recognized by the entire body of the Maine House of Representatives.  Her recognition was part of the Maine Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Outreach Day in Augusta.  

A typical, old time Maine winter continues in these parts.  Happy to say that our homes and properties are faring well despite weather extremes.  We saw Corey McCray at his camp last week, checking on the house and property.  Even though our seasonal residents have made short visits, it is very nice to have activity around our community.  Due the cold weather, many residents are completing indoor projects.  We see lights on in Terry Reynolds new garage where continuing finish work is being done on the second floor.  I am fortunate that Barry is nearly finished with interior renovations to our home.   Most everyone can attest to what a mess it is to have things torn up while remodeling. As they say “no pain - no gain.” It is worth it in the long run.

Dan Wallace was having a good time out on the ice with his snowmobile.  Later, he and his lab, Sparky, took a drive across the ice in his truck.  Sparky also seemed to enjoy taking a run over the ice.  This very pretty dog is quite sure footed and entertaining to watch as he enjoys his romps.  I am told the ice is very thick at this part of the lake near the village of Meddybemps where we live. However, great caution is advised when ice fishing or traveling around the lake.  Splits and raises seems can be just about anywhere out on the large expanses.  The lake has been making a lot of extremely loud noises, groans and creaks, indicating movement underneath or on the surface. We can never be too careful.

We’ve had a lot of activity at our bird feeder.  Of course, the chickadees, blue jays, doves and a few red sqirrels consider us a regular meal stop.  This morning I caught a brief glimpse of a large bird with bright yellow accents at its wings. Because of its greyish olive color, bright yellow and white accents it could have been a male Evening Grosbeak.  We saw quite a few of them last winter.  It is odd to see a single bird of that nature.  It might have been scouting out feeders for its flock.  I am sure more expert bird watchers can explain this; and hope to hear from them.

Whoever is taking care of the Meddybemps roads is doing a very good job during these past snowy and icy days.  We have been able to get wherever we needed to go, even on the worst of days because the roads have been cleared and salted early in the day.

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