Town News

Arline Flood


Still having “iffy” weather this Monday morning. Sandy Lyon and I went to Bangor for a “Move and Improve” program on Wednesday. This program runs for 12 weeks each session. Sand covers the Indian Township School and I do Tops 256, Calais. I will have more on this later on as it starts in March. At the Airline Snackbar we ran into Bruce and Evelyn Howland who were heading back to New Hampshire after a local visit.

After a Bangor trip, Sandy developed a case of vertigo and has been tied up at home. Get well soon.

We heard that Madeline Flood passed away. I believe she was 107 years old. Her son is Peanut Gardner of East Machias and runs a filling station here. Much sympathy to her family.

Much sympathy to the family of Irene Glidden who passed away on Sunday at almost 103 years old. My mother, Nellie Day, always thought of Irene as her best friend and whenever I ran into Irene we talked about her and their great friendship and how she missed mum.

During the ice storm, the Wickachee Restaurant under Dick Hodgen, the owner, opened early every morning while the crew was working through the icestorm and gave out great breakfasts.

A small group showed up to the TOPS 256 meeting on Tuesday night but the weight losses continued. One member lost 7 lbs. but didn’t stay for the meeting. I won the free week and Marcia won the raffle. After, we went to the Wickachee. 

We enjoyed a banquet at Meddybemps Community Center given by Dawn Winchester. She presented us with complete photo albums for meeting the 2013 challenge of finishing that amount of pages. This year we will receive discounts as a challenge. A lot easier than the page one.

On Saturday a group gathered at the Meddybemps Community Center to check out of the new scrapbooking agenda and to work on some pages.  We enjoyed our usual potluck dinner and admired each other’s work.

Only 7 members attended church at the Meddybemps Christian Church.

The Flood twins turned 84 years old on Sunday, January 26th. We visited with Rolfe and Janice on Friday and when we were leaving met Madelen and Leo Perkins and Iris Brown on their way in for a visit. On Sunday we had a small celebration at our house for Ralph. He talked with his twin, Eric, Danny and Kay on the phone during the day. In the evening with our granddaughter Krystal and Nathan Moores along with Brayden and Lexie visited. What fun! Lexie was born on the twins’ birthday. She had a party at the Rec. Center in Calais and had a great time.

A February birthday to remember is our daughter Marcia Wheelock on February 3rd. Her birth was announced over a loudspeaker on the U.S.S. Orion to her father and around 3000 sailors to a lot of cheering. I always knew she was special.