Woodland Rec. Dept. News & Notes

ELEMENTARY BASKETBALL / CHEERING: Game schedule: Thurs. Dec. 12, at 4 pm = U.Conn. vs.Kentucky, and on Wed. . Dec. 18, at 4 pm = Duke / U. Conn.. Players are to double check their schedules for game & practice times.  F.M.I. contact the Rec. Dept.

JR. HIGH BB LEAGUE (GR. 6 / 8): The basketball program will run on the weekends, Saturday mornings for games and on Sunday afternoons for practices. There will be a fee of $ 10.00 for residents and $ 20.00 for non-residents. 

Games Schedule: Sat. Dec. 14 at 9 am- Celtics/ Lakers; 10 am = Bulls / Lakers. This program is being provided for the enjoyment of the participants, sportsmanship, learning the skills of the game and having fun are the top priorities. Any questions, or F.M.I. contact the Woodland Rec. Dept. at 427-6205 or on Facebook.

OPEN GYM BASKETBALL: Sun. Dec. 15, at 4:30 pm  at the Woodland H.S. Gym for gr. 3 /8  and then at 6 pm for gr. 6 / 12; there is no cost for this program

“Dancer-cise” Classes: This program has been postponed until after the Holidays F.M.I.: please contact the Rec. Dept. at 427-6205, or at recreation@baileyville.org, or on Facebook.

EXERCISE / AEROBICS: On-going, Sun. Dec. 15 & Thurs. Dec. 12 & 19, and every Sunday afternoon @ 4 pm, and on Wed. at 6:30 pm evening; classes are held at the Woodland Elem. School Gym; cost is just $ 30.00 per month, or $ 4.00 per class

The Woodland Parks & recreation is always interested in starting New programs. Please contact the Woodland Rec. dept. with your ideas and interest, at 427-6205 or recreation@baileyville.org, or on Facebook.