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Arline Flood


Pomona Grange #16 met at the Princeton Grange on Tuesday, December 3rd. Due to an injury, the Master of Pomona, Kathy Mekelburg was absent, also  the Chaplain, Darlene O’Connell was absent. The Overseer, Helen Brooks was Master Pro-tem. Also members present filled in for the absent officers. Helen Brooks gave the blessing before the ample pot-luck ham dinner. Then the meeting and Christmas party was held upstairs. Much thanks to all those who filled in.

We arrived at the hall to be greeted by cheerful lights outside and a colorful hall with seasonal table cloths and balsam decorations and lit candles on the tables for centerpieces.  Several really cute plush moose were on the tables along with other decorations. The coffee pot was on and we were offered some when we had shed outside clothes.

At seven the meeting was held upstairs with Cathance, Robbinston and Princeton Grange represented at roll call. There wasn’t any CWA or travel drawn due to the absence of the Chairman. Again balsam and candles decorated the tables upstairs. Louise Lee had a program of skits, stories and a quiz. Gifts were exchanged after the mystery March which was won by Helen Brooks for the ladies aid a member of Princeton Grange won for the men, two adorable little plush snowman. This is the last meeting before May which will be held in Perry.

The weather was mild and messy with spots of fog rolling around on the hills. It made it difficult to see a couple of turn-offs for me. 

Princeton Grange is planning a really fun time to raise funds for the repair work in the building. This will be music, raffles, food, etc. starting at 4 pm on Saturday, December 14th. They are wonderful hosts, so come and have a good time.

Speaking of Grange Cathance Grange will hold its final meeting of the winter until March, on Wednesday, December 11 at 7 pm. This will also be a Christmas party with a gift exchange. Refreshments after the meeting.

The Meddybemps Christian Church is picking up and Sunday was a good day. The second week of the Advent Candle lighting was by Lisa Lord and Liz Trount. Next Sunday there will be refreshments after the service and a little Christmas party. We miss the Sunday school’s program. Hopefully some kids will join us once again.

I missed TOPS because of Pomona Grange. Some members have been missing as Christmas is coming up. Hopefully a new year will bring them all back.

The officers and friends of the Sherman Bros. Post and Unit met for a meal at Yancy’s on Saturday. I highly recommend this restaurant as they are really good and we had a great waitress, Donalda Allen. There will not be a regular meeting in December. The next meeting will be on January 20th at 6 pm at St. Anne’s Episcopal Church. Avis McIntyre, our Chaplain, has been quite sick and in the hospital and we wish her a quick recovery.

John and Marina Nixon were visiting in the Calais area and met at the Big Stop with my family. Thelma Cook, Louise Lee, Nellie Jo Lee, Paige Fitch and all met for lunch.

Since I last wrote, my girls, Marcia Wheelock and Sandy Lyon and myself went for an overnight visit in Bangor, staying at the Fireside Inn. We left at noontime and went down Route 1 to Ellsworth to shop at Reny’s where we had some great buys. It rained a little turning into big snowflakes as we hit Holden but we slid smoothly into our motel and decided to eat supper there as the stores close early on Sunday. 

We went to the doctor appointment and then hit the stores finding some good buys especially at K-Mart. We stopped to re-fuel a couple of times eating at the Weathervane on the way out of town. 

Dawn Winchester had a close call on Thursday on Route 9 when her vehicle hit the soft shoulder and turned over into a tree. She wasn’t hurt and only one bump on the van. Her poor hubby was on call and raced to the scene with the ambulance much relieved to find her ok. We all thanked God for her close call and recovery. 

Sympathy to the family of Mike Cole who has been sick for quite some time and fought the good fight. Sympathy to the family of Chet Sherrard who passed away in Florida after suffering a stroke.