The Dragon’s Den

Camille Howard


Welcome, everyone, to the Dragon’s Den! This week at WHS was a little on the short side, what with having Monday off from school, but we’ve still got some news for you to be in the know about.

This week the seniors at WHS showed us their game faces since Friday was the deadline for Senior Photos. Instead of having school headshots in the yearbook like underclassmen, Seniors have the opportunity to have professionally done photos in their senior year book, along with a more casual photo and a baby picture. This year the seniors will all get a half a page instead of a quarter of a page in the yearbook, which should be out in June. The yearbooks are available for Pre-Order right now, and if orders are paid in full before November 26th, you get a five dollar discount!

Students who took their ASVAB tests got their scores back this week. This test serves as a placement test to see what careers might fit students when they enter the work force, as well as gives military recruiters an idea of where students would fit best in the military, if students chose to give them that kind of information. There will be a workshop in the next few days to help students decipher what these test scores mean for them.

The National Honor Society had a fundraiser this weekend: a bottle drive! The society, which is a bit on the small side, had to employ the help of a few other student volunteers, and would like to thank Scott Rhoades for giving him a piece of their weekend. Applications for the National Honor Society were also handed out this week. Shortly, the new members will be inducted into the Society and will be able to participate in the community service that the NHS performs! 

Speaking of Honors Societies, the Tri-M (Modern Music Masters) Honors Society has inducted their new member! The society would like to welcome Sara Boies, a sophomore and a clarinet player, to the society. Tri-M focuses on positively impacting their community through music, and is just about to enter their busy season: Christmas time. Afterall, someone’s got to sing the carols.

That wraps up this week at Woodland High School. Next week will bring with it the Honor Roll Breakfast as well as the long-awaited tryouts for basketball teams, and maybe a few surprises along the way. Until then, thanks for checking in!