Calais Police Report

As the weather turns cold and wind begins to howl, Calais PD has an increase in alarm calls.  They began increasing this week, so apparently winter is upon us.  Also during the past week officers responded to 57 incidents, issued 7 traffic citations and covered 1 motor vehicle accident.

On 10-28, officers were dispatched to a report of a drug sale.  Upon reviewing evidence and interviewing witnesses, Nicholas Bilger, 19, of Whitneyville, was charged with Trafficking in Marijuana.  

Also on 10-28, officers responded to a South St. retail location for the report of customer theft.  As a result of this investigation, Jasmine Hebert, 24, of Princeton was summoned for theft.

On 10-29, officers were requested at a Main St. retail establishment for a theft report.  As a result of this investigation, Holly Smith, 30, of Perry, was summoned for theft.

On 10-31, as a result of the 10-28 incident, Robert Calder, 18, of Skowhegan was summoned for possession of useable amount of marijuana.

Officers responded to an apartment complex on Main St. after receiving a report of criminal mischief. Upon receipt of witness statements, officers charged William Johnson, 28, of Calais criminal mischief.

Also summoned on 10-31 was Colleen Doiron, who unintentionally found herself at the US Port of Entry.  Ms Doiron is charged with possession of drug paraphernalia.

An assault complaint was reported on 11-2, having occurred on Cleveland St..  As a result of this incident, Ross Cookson, 47, of Calais, was summoned for assault.

Also on 11-2, Kelly Meserve, 41, of Calais was summoned for criminal trespass after repeatedly returning to a location she previously had been warned to vacate.

On 10-30, St. Anne’s Church reported a theft of $500.00 in gift cards.  Through the course of the investigation, David Sivret, 28 of Alexander was summoned for the charge. 

11-4-13 Officers were called to Wal*Mart for the report of a theft.  On the completion of the investigation, Steven Day, 30, of Calais, was summoned for theft.  Also reported the 11-4, was vandalism to a motor vehicle parked at Wal*Mart.  Complainant reported that while waiting to turn, the vehicle behind her became impatient, and upon parking, some heated words were exchanged.  When the complainant returned to her car, she found that it had been “keyed” along the side.  Officers were able to identify the subjects and subsequently summoned Christopher Sockbeson, 27 of Perry, for Criminal Threatening and Jaclyn Sockbeson, 27, of Perry, for Criminal Mischief.

11-5-13, on North St., officers responded to the report of Domestic Assault. Through the course of their investigation, Michael Hanley, 23 of Calais, was arrested and charged with Domestic Assault.  Mr. Hanley was transported to Washington County Jail where he was later released on bail.  Also occurring this date, was a report of theft from Wal*Mart.  Officers responded to the store and began their research.  Upon conclusion, Steven Scott 48, of Calais and Sheena Scott 27, of Calais were both charged with theft.

11-7-13 brought another Domestic Assault complaint to Calais PD.  Officers responded to River Road where it was determined Katie Smith-Holmes be arrested on this charge.  Ms Smith-Holmes was transported to Washington County Jail and was later bailed from that facility.

11-8-13 Officers came upon a confrontation outside Myxers bar, where a subject had been removed.  Officers met with the parties and warned the subject not to return to the establishment for the night.  Shortly thereafter, Clint Sabattus 28, of Princeton was arrested for Criminal Trespass and Disorderly Conduct.

On 11-10-13 while conducting a “well-being “check, officer was advised of a subject with an outstanding warrant.  Arrested was Todd LeClerc 42, of Calais on a warrant for Failure to Pay Fines.

As a bit of an update, Calais Police Department continues to receive drug information from many different sources. Officers in Calais and Baileyville are compiling intelligence on the drug trafficking in and around our area.  This week, bail and probation checks were conducted in Calais.  We wish to thank Washington County SO and US Customs and Border Protection for their assistance.  When we all work together, everyone wins!  Our tip line for this effort, “Operation, O.W.N. {Operation Watch Neighborhood} is 454-8730.  We welcome your input, and you can remain anonymous if you choose.  We offer our sincere thanks to all who have taken the initiative thus far.

On 11-12 Officers responded to Walmart for a theft report.  After conducting interviews and processing evidence, Jenna Leavitt, 18, of Lambertville, NB and Jerika Shaw, 18, of Utopia, NB were both charged with theft.  Also this date, officers received a complaint of a possible impaired operator of motor vehicle.  The vehicle was located and stopped.  As a result, John Viselli, 32, of Cooper was arrested for Operating Under the Influence and was transported to Washington County Jail.

Friday, 11-15-13 Officers were dispatched to Walmart for the report of a bomb threat.  Calais Police, assisted by Calais Fire / Rescue and CBP responded and evacuated the building.  After a thorough search of the entire facility yielded nothing suspicious, the building was returned to the control of Walmart staff and subsequently re-opened.  This incident was one of several threats to Walmart stores on Friday, and in the recent past. 

Tips are still coming in on our “Tip Line” and we thank our concerned neighbors for taking initiative.  As a reminder, that number is 454-8730, and all drug information will be fully investigated.