Annual Holiday Book Sale at the Calais Free Library

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Once again, the Friends of the Calais Free Library are mounting a Holiday Book Sale in the gallery area of the library, to be open during all regular library hours.  The sale is all set up and ready for folks to find the perfect book gift for someone special or just a book they will enjoy themselves.  At a dollar for hardbacks and fifty cents for soft covers, one can afford to be generous to everyone on their list.  There will be a wide variety to peruse, including children’s books, which are half the price of the rest.  

Since the Friends group has been unable, so far, to find any place to relocate their popular second hand book store, there has only been a cart of donated books in the library’s entry way as a way of raising money for the library, which has also been hard-pressed in these challenging economic times for the city.  Even that small effort has brought in some much-needed funds, and the annual holiday book sale, which has always been very popular, should help even more.

The search is still continuing for a place to relocate the used book store.  Anyone with ideas, suggestions, or offers would be most welcome to speak to the librarians or any member of the Friends of the Calais Free Library.  People are so generous in donating their books, but the library barely has room for those on the cart, and now, in the gallery.  A place is needed where readers of all sorts and sizes and ages can find good things to read and share.