Maine Children’s Author Visits Woodland Elementary School

Fifth grade student Brianna Jack reads with Maine author Lynn Plourde.  (Photo provided by Billie Jo Jack)

Fifth grade student Brianna Jack has been at it again, working to bring educational experiences through books to her fellow schoolmates at Woodland Elementary School.  Founder of the non-profit organization Maine Books for Maine Kids, Brianna arranged for a visit to her school from Maine author Lynn Plourde.  

A successful read-a-thon organized by Brianna and held last spring raised most of the money to hold this meeting, and the school’s PTO donated the rest.  Plourde began the day with an assembly reading Pajama Day-- appropriate for the students as they were taking part in the fun pajama day on that particular day--followed by a reading of You’re Wearing That to School?!” 

To add to the students’ excitement, Plourde worked with several kids to turn her book Pigs in the Mud into a play.  This performance proved to the students that writing and books are fun and led them into the next segment of the day:  mini-lessons on writing.

 Plourde spend a great deal of time with each grade working on the writing workshops.  These proved very interesting and beneficial as a learning tool for both the students and the teachers.  Additionally, she donated 38 of her books to Brianna’s organization. 

 Author Lynn Plourde has written 28 children’s books.  She has won numerous awards for her stories with her most current book You’re Wearing That to School?!  More information on this Maine children’s author can be found at  For information on Brianna’s Maine Books for Maine Kids organization, one can visit her facebook page.