Baileyville’s Octoberfest Haunted House

By Gwen Clark

Daryl Coleman and Steve Parks.

It was a dark and scarey night...well a dark and scary  afternoon. 

The first Haunted House of the season  usually starts right here in Baileyville during the week of the community’s Octoberfest as a ending to an entire week of activities.   

The first Haunted house that was set up was held in Rona and Barry Coleman’s garage and started out as a novelty.  It drew an attendance of seventy six participants.  Each year the funds raised were put back into the Haunted House making a bigger and better event for the community and general surrounding areas.  

Two years ago Jack Smith donated the use of a section of the old shopping mall in downtown Baileyville and the number of visitors increased to one hundred and sixty two and this past year two hundred and sixty nine visitors toured through the Haunted House.  Each year Barry and Rona Coleman, along with family members from Aroostook County, New Jersey, Portland,  local friends and volunteers from Baileyville begin about three weeks prior to Octoberfest in designing and putting together a more exciting and challenging  Haunted House.  

This year’s Haunted House  has been designed as usual with safety first in mind , lots of scarey stationary and moving props but will have a more interactive theme, with more human characters interacting with its visitors, you’ll never know when they will pop up or if they are real or just a stationary prop.  That’s what’s going to make this years Haunted House just that much better than the last and the previous ones before.  Who knows what evil is lurking just behind the next turn, hidden ghouls, goblins, witches, zombies and walking dead all over. Or maybe some snakes, spiders, rats and black cats all possessed by the bad spirits. Sounds of screaming, eerie squeaks, squeals; just unexplainable noises out of the darkness. 

Come and visit if you dare. 

The Haunted House will open at noon on October 12th and end at 4 PM but once inside you will not be able to tell if it is day or night.

It will be set up in the empty mall as it was last year and everyone who is visiting the crafters, bake tables, and food vendors are more then welcome to  stop in for a scare. 

The fee for entry is $3 per person. It’s for a good cause for another year.   

Come and get pre-scared for the rest of the months Haunted Houses and events in the area.