Calais Police Report

The past week has been a busy one at Calais Police Department.  A total of 67 incidents were reported along with 2 accidents. Officers handled complaints ranging from standard alarms to bar fights and domestic assaults.

On September 15, Officers received a complaint of domestic assault which occurred approximately  2 weeks prior. Due to the passage of time from incident date to report date, evidence is not readily available. Officers continue to investigate.

There were 5 theft complaints during this time,  4 of which remain under investigation.  On September 18, Officers responded to Walmart for a report of employee theft.  After interviewing all parties involved, Theresa Hall 28, of Calais was charged with theft and is scheduled to appear in Calais District Court on November 5th.

On Sept. 17th , CPD received report of a burglary in the Red Beach section of Calais.  Officers spent hours on location attempting to discover any evidence that may have been left behind.  This crime remains under investigation while leads are pursued. 

September 18th another burglary was reported.  During this event, perpetrators broke a water pipe in the basement of a residence causing extreme flooding. Calais PD responded and processed the scene for evidence. This case, too, remains under investigation.

Also September 18th, Officers were dispatched to the report of a domestic assault on Boardman St. in Calais.  As a result of investigating this report, Steven Treadway , 32, of Calais was arrested for and charged with assault.  Mr. Treadway was transported to Washington County Jail.

Off duty Eastport Officer observed a subject in Calais, whom he knew to have an active warrant.  Calais PD responded to the location, September 20th and arrested Jonthan Clement, 28, of Pleasant Point.  Mr. Clement was transported to Washington County Jail.

September 17th, Officers were advised of a suspicious backpack abandoned on the Riverfront Walkway.  Before Officers could respond, another subject brought the backpack to Calais Police Department.  The bag was opened and found to contain equipment for the manufacture of methamphetamines ( meth-lab).  These articles can be highly toxic.  Contact was made with Maine Drug Enforcement Agency and the Department of Environmental Protection who responded to Calais to retrieve the parcel.  Residents are urged to leave unattended packages unopened due to the potential danger of these chemicals.  Under different circumstances, the outcome of this routine “lost and found” incident could have been tragic.  This is not the first package of its type that has been turned over to Calais PD, but it was the largest.   Please do not handle found items, but report them to Calais PD, or your local law enforcement agency.