Town News

Linda Baniszeski

It is great to see that many seasonal residents are here into the Fall.  Beth Teele-Haidinger is here from Germany and spending a month on Teele Island.  I met Beth and Penny Lurie shopping at Marden’s, one of my favorite discount stores in Calais. Beth’s children also vacationed on the island earlier in the summer.  Beth’s sister, Megan Teele Rothberg is back in Meddybemps after a short trip to New Jersey.  She took her mother, Marci back home to New Jersey last weekend after her annual August stay on their island. 

Those celebrating birthdays in the coming week include Ted Ackley and Larry Lord on September 23, and Haidyn Jane Seavey, September 24. She is Megan Lord’s little girl and granddaughter to Lisa and Terry Lord.  She’s a little doll.  Best wishes to each of you and everyone else celebrating special days.

Okay, I now have the scoop on the Post Office shuffle.  Deb Dow is now back at the Meddybemps Post Office.  Pembroke post office is cutting to 6 hours per day. Meddybemps Post Office will continue to operate an 8 hour day.  Since Deb is a full-time postal employee and paid for 8 hour days, she had to come back to Meddybemps. Tiffany Townsend is technically a part-time postal employee, so she moved to a 6 hour per day position at Pembroke.  It ‘sort of’ makes sense.  Tiffany and Deb both do a great job with the mail and either way, postal customers are fortunate to have them here or there.

While clearing brush on a neighbor’s land, my husband Barry encountered a lazy moose.  It was standing along a pathway and looking at Barry without a care in the world.  Later, he saw some deer standing beneath hanging tree boughs munching away -- a doe with two fawns with most of their spots nearly completely faded.  Cheryl Zwingman Bagley has also seen two young deer standing along Route 191. Undisturbed wildlife in natural surroundings is a beautiful sight to behold. 

The Alzheimer’s Walk and Charlotte Firemen supper were both very successful, thanks to very generous people from communities in and around the greater Calais area.  

We can see that summer is slowly transitioning into fall at Meddybemps homes and camps.  Boats are being pulled from the lake and readied for storage, seasonal residents are closing up and battening down the hatches for coming winter months.  And so life goes in our heavenly little part of the world.