Calais Police Department

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Calais Police Officers handled a total of 59 complaints and 3 motor vehicle accidents over the past week.  Along with routine incidents like, Sex Offender Registration, Bail Checks, Paper Service, Alarm Responses and Civil Assists, officers made the following arrests and issued summons:

On September 3, officers were requested to respond to Wal-Mart for a theft.  Wal-mart’s complaint alleges theft by an employee from the cash drawer.  After completing their investigation, officers charged Ashley Campbell, 20, of Calais with theft.  Ms Campbell is scheduled to appear in Calais District Court on November 5.

A juvenile was summoned for criminal mischief September 4, 2013.  Summons was issued after the juvenile, in a display of anger damaged property of another.

Also on September 4, 2013 John Chambers Jr. was summoned for failure to obey a public safety flagger.  This action was taken after the flagger made a complaint with Calais PD.

Officers were called to the report of a fight on Garfield St. September 7, 2013.  Officers interviewed both parties involved and neither wanted to pursue charges.  However, a “check” of one of the combatants  revealed an outstanding warrant.  As a result, David Carr, 42 of Smyrna Beach, FL was arrested on the warrant.

On September 2, 2013 CPD received a report of a burglary, and an attempted burglary.  Both of these incidents remain under investigation.  Residents are reminded to keep doors and windows locked, especially when away from their residences.