Calais High School

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Quinn Sluzenski

Every new year brings different challenges and experiences.  With Calais High School facing extreme budgetary problems, this year will be harder than most.  The City Council and Teachers’ Union have a lot of difficult decisions to make over the upcoming weeks.   However, the spirit of our teachers and students prevails, and we are ready to face the year.

Some significant changes have been made to the school already in the administration.  Mr. Clark, the former assistant principal, has stepped up to principal this year.  Mr. Moholland, the director of St. Croix Regional Technical Center, and Mr. Robb, the guidance counselor, are working together as co-assistant principals.  We also have a new teacher.  Mrs. Cox is our new life skills and special education director.  She says the environment at Calais has been wonderful and everyone has been very helpful to her.  We all hope that Mrs. Cox continues to have a positive experience here.

Our other major change is not to staff but to the health center.  The new health center is officially open and ready to serve the students at Calais better than ever before.  It is located outside the school, next to the Early Childhood Education classroom.

However, most things remain the same so far and everyone is hard at work already.  Students are already muttering about homework levels and believe it or not, there were some reports of “senioritis” on the very first day of school.  There’s still nine months to go until graduation, which may seem like a long time, but past experiences have taught us that our time at Calais High School will fly by.  After all, we are certainly busy with everything going on.

Our sports and activities hit the ground running.  Athletes in fall sports have already been practicing for several weeks, and the soccer and volleyball teams had their first games of the season over the weekend.  They played hard against some of the toughest teams in the state.  Now that the games have begun, they will be frequent and persistent.  Good luck to all of our athletes over the next few months.

The academic and art programs are also getting started.  Math Team is holding sign-ups for any interested members.  Academic Decathlon had its first meeting on the very first day of school.  They have begun their annual Yankee Candle fundraiser for their trip to the state meet in Portland.  Concert band has also started their popular Community Birthday Calendar fundraiser to raise money for the Boston Fine Arts Trip.  Anyone interested in purchasing either a Yankee Candle item or a calendar should seek out a member of one of those organizations.

The drama club is attracting attention with its bold goal to stage a Halloween Musical this year.  Tryouts for the show were held on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week.  According to the advertisements, the musical will be about either “zombies or flesh-eating alien plants.”  Musical lovers may be able to guess what shows they’re referring to, but for the most part the drama club is keeping their plans quiet.  The only information we have is that they are looking for singers, dancers, and lots of blood!

The 2013-14 school year is already well underway.  If our previous years were any indication, it’s going to be busy, difficult, exciting, and full of memories we’ll never forget.  Happy back to school to everyone, and good luck!