Town News

Dorothy Johnson


This past week the weather was fairly typical for spring in Maine.  It was warm and cool and sunny and rainy.  The black flies are hungry and plentiful.  Several residents had their lawns mowed on Saturday and Sunday and the smell of the newly mown grass brings on the smell of summer to come.

High school seniors are finishing those last minute details of classes, assignments and graduation details.  All of those last minute details for graduation can be expensive and I have watched some in my family worry about the expenses.  Help is available for parents of students at Woodland High School.  Call 427-3855 for more information.

I heard from former Dragon Jeff Wheeler’s Mom last week.  Jeff’s daughter, Danielle Wheeler, graduated with her degree from the University of Maine on Saturday the 11th.  Dad is very proud of her accomplishments and so is Grammie Pauline.  

Once again Marline Flaherty was named to the President’s list at Berkley College in New York.  She has done well every semester she has been at college.

Both the Riverside Rebekahs and the members of the People’s United Methodist Church are planning and preparing for baked bean suppers next week.  The Rebekah supper will be on Wednesday, the 29th and the Methodist supper will be on Thursday, the 30th.  No one in this area can get too much of a baked bean supper so get ready for two super suppers.

The Riverside Rebekahs will also be having a road toll and a bake sale on Friday, May 24.

The Methodists will also be holding their Spring Fling on Saturday, May 25th complete with bake sale and lunches.  It looks as though this will be a fun event for all ages.

American Legion and Auxiliary members will be passing out poppies for donations on Thursday. Proceeds on this fund raiser will be used for auxiliary charities. Please remember our veterans.

Kenny Seeley came through again this year and brought me some trout.  He says that in his secret fishing holes, the trout are biting as much as the black flies.  He will not divulge the location of the bountiful fishing hole.

My nieces, Linda Peare and Donna Peare and Donna’s husband Dennis Stevens along with my nephew, Scott Peare from Texas, were in town for the weekend.  We helped the local economy by eating out four times.  We all attended the graduation party for our cousin Shelby Stanhope, who received her Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Maine at Machias.

We were saddened to hear of the death of Rhonda Sabattus this week. Rhonda, her mother and her friends spent quite a few Bingo nights joking with us at the Legion hall. Sympathy is extended to Rhonda’s family and especially to her mom, Mae Sabattus.

Friends and residents needing a big hello this week are Shirley MacArthur, Greta Leighton, Gloria Smith, Vicky O’Neill, Harriet Martell, Elaine Holland and anyone else whose name I have missed.  This is not a “sick” call; it is just the list of some people who need a lift.

This year’s rhubarb is ready to be picked.  It is a bit early this year and many of the patches I have seen are going to seed very early.  Pat Foley told me the plants she started last year are producing very well and she and John have enjoyed a wonderful pie.  For those of you who are having a difficult time growing rhubarb plants, I suggest you put some composted manure around the plant.  The old farmers planted their rhubarb plants near their sink spout so the plant was soaked with dish water every day.  I also believe that if a farmer pulls the rhubarb stalks instead of cutting them, the plant will produce more fruit.

Big happy birthday wishes are going out this week (May 24th through May 30th ) are going out to the following:  Jessica Niles, Eddie Storey, Jr., Kati Holmes, Gloria Lanigan, Edward Storey, Benai Parks, Laurel Bailey, Leo Perkins, Nicole Cox, Amy Cox, Samantha Call, Bailey Damon, Charlotte Melanson, Nick Brown, Cudgie Waycott, Amanda Phelps Stewart and Angela Sabbatus. May you all enjoy your special days.

Happy anniversary wishes are being sent to David and Michelle McVicar, Sherry and Mike Emery, Derek and Lisa Howard and Bob and Jeannie Ferry.  Enjoy your celebrations.

Stay safe and have a great week.