Town News

Dorothy Johnson


The residents of the St. Croix Valley have enjoyed another beautiful spring week.  The night temperatures have left frost at dawn, but the sun quickly warms the air.  The birds are out early looking for that special worm and singing their songs.

The pork supper at the People’s United Methodist Church went very well with more than one hundred patrons eating at the church and another seventy getting take-out.  The profit was just over $1000 and workers were happy with their success.  Their next public supper will be an old-fashioned baked bean supper on Thursday, May 30th.  This last supper will make up for one missed in February.

Members will also be having another praise meeting on May 21st at 6pm and a Spring Fling on Saturday, May 25th.  The Spring Fling will include the selling of both lunches and baked goods.

The Riverside Rebekahs will be holding their May breakfast on Mother’s Day, May 12th.  These members are always working hard for their charities.  They will also put on a public baked bean supper on Wednesday, May 29th.

Town residents received the sad news of the passing of Mavis Dobriko last week.  She lived just past the town library toward the junction and was involved in many town activities including Ladies’ Sodality and W. T. Wren Ladies’ Auxiliary of the American Legion and the town library.  Mrs. Dobriko served on the library trustees’ board for more than twenty years.  Many of those years she also served as chairman of the trustees.  Sympathy is extended to her family and friends.

Sympathy is extended to the family and friends of Salvator Pisacane who passed away this week.

I received a call from Diane Evans, the daughter of Harriet Martell on Sunday.  Diane and Harriet were waiting for x-rays at a local hospital.  Harriet fell at church because she missed one of the outside steps.  I have since learned that she has a broken arm.  We are wishing you a fast recovery.

The news from Augusta on the “grading” of Woodland Jr./Sr. High School was not a cause for celebration last week.  Just last month the same school was complimented as being one of the top ten schools in the state for improvement in graduation rates.  This whole hoopla is just real evidence of the adage, “Figures do not lie, but liars figure.”  It is too bad that the masterminds in Augusta can not come up with statistics that would actually mean something to the students and staffs in our many schools.  

From looking at the statistics of Woodland High School graduates who go on to post-secondary education, complete their studies and find jobs in many communities, our school compares with many in the state.  My statistics are based on graduates over a period of more than forty years, not on last year’s SAT scores.

Meanwhile the members of the Class of 2013 are finishing their studies and getting ready for that big day in June.  They are also sending out announcements, buying clothes, playing sports, working part-time jobs and finishing projects.  It is too bad that they all did not show up on a Saturday last year to take a test that is not being used for the purpose for which it was intended. 

We are sending big happy birthday wishes out this week (May 10th through May 16th) to the following:  Michelle Boomer, Paula McGouldrick, Allison Seavey, Jessica Noyes (?), Alice White, my little cousin Mark Stanhope, Jordan Netzer, Alec McGaw, Ellen Roffey, Judy Murray, Tracey Bohanon, Mercedes Newman, Beverly Morrison, Linda MacArthur, Roger Holst, Mitchell Pratt, Gus Gillis, Christine Boomer, Marian Hunnewell and Kathy McGaw.

I have a long list of people who need a big hello this week.  Some of them are feeling a bit under the weather and some of them just need a big “Hi”.  A big “hello out there” goes to Raymond Merritt, Sandra Blaney, Harriet Martell, Elaine Holland, Don Brown, Beverly Dean, Patsy Hanson, Trudy Pool, Eddie Southard, Ruth Foss, Robbie Redding, Nellie Barnard, Irene Glidden and anyone else needing a lift.

Congratulations to former Dragon Phylicia Seavey, who married Brad Bonavida in Georgia. Bonavida is one of our brave army soldiers and Phylicia is a registered nurse in the cardiac catherization lab at EMMC. They plan to renew their vows locally in June.

Mike Boies, Woodland Recreation Director, is trying to fill his summer ball programs.  He still has opening in the farm team, T-ball and Cal Ripken baseball.

The holiday committee is looking for a few good volunteers to help with the October festivities.  The few people who have been working on it can do it alone any more.  They need more help.

I am sending Happy Mothers’ Day to all those mothers or those who act like mothers out there. You are all very special.