Two Local Men Assist In Recent Discovery Of Supernova In Distant Galaxy

Doug Rich from Hampden Maine along with the Eagle Hill Institute of Stueben have formed a team of amateur astronomers to search for supernova. Supernovas are massive stars that have exploded and astronomers can detect these in faint galaxies that can be seen with backyard telescopes. The supernova was found in the galaxy designated as UGC 4578 and is located in the constellation Lynx, a faint constellation below the Big Dipper. Two local amateur astronomers and team members who assisted in the discovery are Charlie Sawyer of Pembroke and Joe Rosebush of Calais. The two used a blink compare program to study the images for any changes in the galaxy structure. Doug Rich has discovered several supernova in the past using a 16 inch telescope from is observatory in Hampden. The supernova discovery is currently being studied at observatories in other parts of the world.