Dawn Winchester


Where did our Spring weather go? What was with all snow on Friday? I don’t mind April rain showers, but April snow showers are just not welcomed! Spring must really be almost here though - rumor has it that our neighbor Cedar Lane Greenhouses will be opening this Saturday, April 20th. The flowers, herbs and vegetables are some of the best around.

Welcome home Bob and Linda Gordon! They spent time with Linda’s brother in Florida, but Linda tells me that they didn’t enjoy the weather at all. She said it was too cold to go out on the boat or even swim in the pool. It sounds like the weather we’ve been having here!

Eric, Curtis, and Amos-dog Voelker arrived in Meddybemps on Saturday to visit family. Curtis, his mom, Jean, and Polly-dog will be staying with Jean’s mom, Maxine Palmeter, during school vacation. Eric and Amos-dog had to return home to Orono on Sunday. Jean and Curtis are looking forward to spending vacation week with family and friends in here in town.

Ed Ketchen tells me that he has been seeing an unusually large number of dark eyed junco visiting his bird feeders. Several people, including Ed, have also reported seeing lots of robins feeding on their lawns.

The Ketchens, McCoubreys and Trouants all had some interesting wildlife visitors this past week. A moose on the loose had come out Chick and Jo’s driveway onto Route 214 and was sauntering down the middle of the road. Pete took several pictures of it, until it turned into Tim Goode’s driveway and disappeared. The same day, they all also had several turkeys feeding in the fields. Ike and I have seen several local tom turkeys in full strut, looking very impressive.

Get well wishes go out to Janice Frost, Ed Southard, and Janice Flood this week. We hope you are all feeling better soon!

Would you like to help our community out? The Meddybemps Community Center Committee is looking for new members. The first meeting of the year will be Tuesday, April 23rd at six o’clock at the Community Center. We will be planning upcoming public suppers and our annual Summer Festival, and discuss needed upkeep on the building. We would love new ideas from anyone interested.

Pastor Rolfe Flood filled in again at the Meddybemps Church this past week for Pastor Joe McAdams who is in the Dominican Republic on a mission trip with several others from our local communities. We invite everyone to attend Sunday service at 9:30. As a reminder, next week there is no Sunday School as it is school vacation. Sunday School will resume the following week at 8:45. We will enjoy refreshments and fellowship after the service this coming Sunday. It is so enjoyable to take a few minutes to catch up with each other and enjoy some delicious goodies.