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Sharon Frost



April 22nd Earth Day

The Calais Hospital Auxiliary Book Fair is being held on Thursday, April 25th 11 am to 4 pm and Friday 8 am - 2 pm in the classroom.

Dot Dwelley is now at home and Alice Jean Robinson is gradually out and about.

Paul Johnson, the winner of the 500/50 draw during donations day, has graciously donated the money back to the auxiliary. Thanks so much Paul. It was nice to see you that morning.

A surprise 80th birthday party was held at the Recreation Hall on Saturday afternoon for John Cody. The hall was beautifully decorated, the food table was fabulous, so nicely displayed and plenty of it. Balloons were hung from the ceiling as well as other decor. It was just a wonderful afternoon seeing old and new friends. I have to say, John still has his good sense of humor. The ladies used to be in the catering business with all your fancy appetizers. 

James and Starla Dean performed at Second Baptist Church on Saturday evening. The people got to sing along on various hymns. The usual wonderful lunch was served. There were over 100 in attendance. The birthday supper pot luck, photo directory will be held at Second Baptist on April 28th directly after church after morning service.

Welcome Larry Post to Eastport as the new city manager. He will have lots of challenges for sure, but comes with lots of experience.

I was reading about the fate of Maxwell Crossing Covered Bridge due to a car out of control on the icy road in January. I’m all for repairs on the historic structure. I remember as a young child going through that bridge. I never forgot it. I was so excited. I wanted my uncle to keep driving through it. It is an asset to the community. It needs to be publicized and a sign put up on the highway after completion of repairs. Don’t let it be forgotten.

Birthday wishes to Bruce Bailey, Anne Williams, Jen Ramsey, Patrick and Jordyn Phelps, Gertrude Johnson, Pat Bishop, Dana Johnson, Suzette Scott, Phyllis Leidy, Jenua Ingham, Olive Bentum, Elaine Carter, Barbara Brooks, John Benner, Dan Snyder, Helen Brooks, Wayne Sammer, Cody Stow, John Nixon, Bill McVicar and Garrett Clark.

Don’t forget Hyssongs concert on Friday, April 26th at Woodland Baptist Church at 7 pm.