Dorothy Johnson


The weather has been cold and damp for a week, but today the sun is shining with the promise of better weather to come.  I moved some leaves so my crocuses would have an easier time pushing through the ground.  When they did show their blooms, they saw the snow and said, “No thanks.”

The snow, poor man’s fertilizer, has now disappeared but it should help with gardens later on.  I saw some green on the south side of lawns on South Street in Calais, but most of us in Woodland are still waiting for the green rain.  Then it will be mowing season.

The Rebekahs had another successful breakfast on Sunday.  The community is being more supportive of their wonderful breakfasts and we enjoy great social exchanges after eating.  I saw Kenny Seeley there and reminded him that is was almost time for the trout expedition. Wilma said that she is the one who catches all the trout.  I do not know how to figure this one out.  Sympathy goes out to Kenny and his family on the death of his brother Lester Seeley of Dennysville. Lester was a respected deputy for the Sheriff’s Department years ago.

Sympathy is also extended this week to Sherrill Meserve and her family.  Her son Bob passed this week and he was found in his apartment by his mom and brother. Bob was one of the most polite boys I ever had in junior high and he never lost that politeness over the years.

Sympathy is also sent out to the family of Joyce Treadwell.  Her death notice was in the BDN today.  Joyce and her husband Ralph ran Treadwells’ convenience store for many years on Route 1 in Baileyville. It was always a great experience to drop into the store because I never knew what would be Joyce’s topic of the day and she was often very comical about it.  She was devoted to her family and will be missed.

The Community Café is having good participation this spring.  Some of the gang that took the winter off and stayed under cover are coming back and it is great to see them. This past week we celebrated George Hill’s birthday and George and Lynn’s anniversary with a cake made by Marian Hunnewell.

Janice and Rolfe Flood have taken up residence at the Methodist Homes in Calais.It will be an easier place to care for without the mowing and shoveling.  Janice, however, is mourning the loss of her own home where she has lived for many years.

Karen Cooke has also moved to the Methodist Homes as has Rita McLaughlin.  These are certainly big steps for those moving and big losses to our Woodland Community.

The town council is asking for input on the budget cuts for the upcoming fiscal year 2013-2014.  The town meeting is tentatively scheduled for the last Monday in April and the council would like every resident to have a vote in the upcoming shortages.  The council is trying to cut back without cutting complete departments. 

Big John’s dynamites were well received on Tuesday evening at the Methodist Church.  He and Jo worked hard on skinning road kill and purchasing other meat from Bangor to make something for everyone.  Thanks, John.  The praise music was good too.

Laurie Lynch of Pembroke has taken over the pastoral duties of the Methodist Church and many activities have been planned.  The next public pork supper will be held on the first Thursday of May.

Congratulations to my little cousin, Candace Marie Stanhope, who was inducted into Washington County Community College’s Phi Theta Kappa honor society last week.

Big Baileyville happy birthday wishes are going out this week (April 19th through April 25th) to the following: Alecia Moraisey, Peta Brown, Patrick Phelps, Linda Phelps, Jordyn Phelps, Rhoda Lynn Leavitt, Crystal Annis, Michelle Ferry, April Lewis, Tammara Croman, John James, Dale Lewis, Johnny Phelps, Butch Cilley, Betty Newman, James Brown, Corey McCray and Charlie Leighton III.  Your friends and family members are wishing you a great day.

Special happy anniversary wishes are being sent to Kate and Josh Porter, Robert and Denise Hill, Randel and Stacey Thomson and Doug and Shirley Richardson.  Go easy on that stale cake.

This week sunny thoughts and big hellos are going out to Greta Leighton, Janice Flood, Marian Hunnewell, Sherrill Meserve, Nada Williams, Ruth Foss, Eddie Southard, Raymond Merritt, Cindy Pratt, Rose Merritt, Lois Gagner, Sue Oliver and anyone else needing a lift.

Stay safe and have a great week.