Dorothy Johnson


My boots have resurfaced.  They have been out of sight for over a year and now, this very day, they re-appeared.  They were under a drop-leaf maple table stuck beneath a black candelabra in my front porch.  I can not believe the mice or the cats put them there.  How they got there is still a mystery.

Today the sunshine is giving residents of the Valley a hint of spring.  Other days this past week have been windy and raw.  I am no expert but I expect we will have a few more snow flakes before the green rain comes.  The town is looking a bit scruffy from the winter leftovers of sand, broken curbs and potholes.  Some brave souls have already been out raking.  A little warm weather will bring more residents out with their rakes.

The Italian Night at the People’s United Methodist Church went well.  Workers had many people attend and processed approximately ninety take-outs.  The next planned public supper will be a roast pork affair on the first Thursday in May.  That supper is always well-attended.

The hymn sing-a-long will be held next Tuesday (April 16th) at the church.  The plan is for singing upstairs, a break for the famous dynamites made by Big John and then some more singing.  This should be a really good time so we hope to have some participants.  This whole project came about because (Big) John Gallant promised he would make dynamites for the crowd if they had more than fifty people at the last sing-a-long and they did.  I have been doing my best to help John get the meat he needs for so many dynamites because I hate to see a grown man cry.  Hold on, John, we will all help you out.

Sympathy is extended this week to the family and friends of Jimmy Bohanon who passed away unexpectedly on Sunday.  Jim could always be found at the garage enjoying the work and a good joke.  He will be missed by everyone in town but especially his family and the guys that hung out at the garage.

Readers are reminded that the Riverside Rebekahs will be having their April breakfast on Sunday, April 14th.  The group serves something for everyone so feel free to attend and get a great start to your day.

The United Methodist Women hosted United Methodist Women from other areas of the state on Friday and Saturday for a “retreat.”  Local women planned the meals and lunches for the entire group.  It has been a long time since the “retreat” was held in Woodland.

Happy birthday wishes are going out this week (April 12th  through April 18th) to the following:  Tammy Carle, Carleton Brown, Mike McGovern, Ian Howland, Marissa McCray, Heather Sprague, Lauren Cook, Chanise Hood and Kevin Robinson.  Your families and friends are wishing you all happy days.

Special happy anniversary wishes are going out to Weibley and Eleanor Dean, Katie and Josh Porter, Robert and Denise Hill and Sylvie and Don Brown.  Happy anniversaries are wished for all of you.

Sunny thoughts and get well wishes are going out to the following:  Ken and Karen Sprague, Elaine “The Dragon” Holland,  Number one Dragon fan Patsy Hanson, Cindy Pratt, Robbie Redding, Sandra Blaney, Trudy Poole, Greta Leighton, Eddie Southard and anyone else needing a lift.

The Dragons are out on the baseball field today.  It will not be long before they will be in their uniforms facing other Washington County teams.  Let’s wish them the best.  With third quarter completed all staff and students will be looking toward spring and graduation activities. Hopefully, all applications for college acceptances and scholarships are completed and  have been sent where they need to go. I have heard that the law enforcement officers have been checking out under age drinking parties.  Let’s pray that all of kids can stay safe and make good decisions.

Stay safe and have a great week.