Attention All Law Enforcement/ Emergency Personnel

There will be an opportunity for Autism Training for law enforcement / emergency personnel on April 23rd, at the Princeton Elementary School Gym. The training is offered by office Matt Brown of Portland. It’s from 4-6pm. From 3-4 pm forms will be available in the gym for parents to fill out on their special needs children that they can take to their local police department. These forms register children with law enforcement in case a needs arises. It gives vital information about the child and their needs as well as a current photo. The forms are also available for download on the Autism Society of Maine’s website all the time ( ) it’s the first link. 

The training is also open to parents, teachers, case managers, anyone who can help with strategies in crisis situations. A TV news network out of Portland will be coming up to do a story on this because of the high numbers of needs in this area and the lack of training that has been noted. 

Anyone who wants to register can contact me, Donna Netzer by phone (796-0873) or e-mail (