Dorothy Johnson


Let’s dispense with the weather report this week and just say that this has been a typical March week in Maine.  Those who are holding on to winter enjoy the cold wind; those who are looking toward spring enjoy the warmth of the sun.  This past week everyone was happy.

I want to give everyone a quick reminder that the deer are out looking for food this month.  I saw three deer in Baring and four more on Bailey Hill just in the last week. They are frisky and jump in the road without looking and without fear.  Stay alert to save yourself, your car and the deer.

Members of the People’s United Methodist Church, basking in the success of their March turkey supper, are planning for an Italian night for their April supper on Thursday, April 4.  This is a new venture for them and with the fine Italian chefs in the congregation, this is sure to be a winner.

My mind was a bit fuzzy last week and I left out a really important announcement that Billie-Jo Jack had given me. Brianna Jack has been raising money for her Maine Books for Maine Kids project.  As one of her fundraisers, she is sponsoring a Read-a-Thon at the Woodland Elementary School.  For three weeks (now down to two weeks) students are asked to read as much as they can while going out and getting pledges from their relatives and neighbors for each book read.  Sponsors can donate a flat donation or pledge so much per book for their favorite elementary readers.  The reading ends on March 26th and the students are then instructed to get in touch with their willing helpers and collect what they promised to turn in to their teachers.  All the money raised will be used to get a Maine author to visit the Woodland Elementary School.

This project is really special because every time Don Fendler has come to this area to speak about his book, Lost in a Mountain in Maine. The students have loved to hear him and speak to him of his experiences.  This may be a left over result of my teaching years, but I think the most important and most beneficial gift we can give out children and students is a love of reading and the skills that go with it.  This project will support that gift on both levels.

Welcome back from vacation to Carleton and Iris Brown who have been visiting their son in sunny Arizona.

Everyone is still waiting to hear the date of Big John’s sing-a-long and dynamites.  He has promised all of us a big feast and we are not going to let him forget it.  In light of Big John’s failure at catching salmon, I have had several neighbors volunteer other kinds of meat/fish for the main ingredient. Come on, John.  Set the date.  Since everyone is invited, everyone is waiting to hear from you.

The members of the Class of 2013 are planning a Spaghetti Supper to benefit their Project Graduation night. They will hold this supper at the Spednic Club on Saturday, March 23rd.  The doors open at 4:30 pm so patrons can look at the Chinese Auction items and supper will begin at 5:30 pm.  Take outs will be available for those interested in eating but not having time to attend..  Parents of the seniors are helping with the project and it will be a great meal.

In passing, I wonder if anyone thinks about how many times groups turn to the Spednic Club and its members for the setting or the help in putting on benefit suppers.  The members need to be complimented for their commitment to the community.

The W. T. Wren #23 American Legion Ladies’ Auxiliary hosted a birthday supper for the W. T. Wren #23 American Legion veterans on Monday.  This is an annual event with a supper planned and birthday cakes, one from the Shop & Save and one from the Auxiliary.  The ranks of both the Auxiliary and the Legion are getting thinner, but it is a pleasure to provide a supper for those who served so long ago.

Woodland seems hard hit with illnesses and people feeling poorly these days.  All of us on the Woodland Beat would like to send out sunny thoughts and get well wishes to the following: Bob and Kathy James, Steve and Linda Croman, Robbi Redding, Trudy Poole, Vince Tammaro, Estella Johnson, Leo Perkins, Don Brown, Brent Boomer, Pat Donahue, Roscoe Seeley and Greta Leighton 

Our number one Dragon Patsy Hanson is feeling and looking better these days.  Patsy was able to get home on Friday and it was a pleasure to see her.  She still has the old Dragon fight. Nanette is still in town from Wichita and will stay as long as she needs to.  Patsy has turned over the job of giving orders to Nanette and she is a real success at it and I mean this as a compliment.

Big Baileyville happy birthday wishes are going out this week (March 22nd through March 28th) to the following:  Willow Newman, Weibley Deane, Jo Gallant, Shelby Diadone, David Morrison, Lloyd Oakes, Bryan Roffey, Chris Thornton, Mike James, Bobbi Jo Cooke, Julie Boies, Brett Robichaud, Denise Annis, Dean Williams and Ronald McArthur.  May you all enjoy your special days.

Happy anniversary wished go out to Janelle and Brisn Boomer, Scott and Tammy Carle and Greg and Heather James. Your friends and families are wishing you all great celebrations.

Stay safe and have a great week.