Linda Richardson 



What a wonderful weekend we just had, now we are faced with the possibility of snow. The bottom line is that Mother Nature will give us spring when she is darned good and ready and not one day before I suppose, although I do wish and hope.

What a great turn out Saturday night at the Loopy Leprechaun Talent Show at AES, Young and Young at Heart enjoyed an evening of refreshments, fun and entertainment. Friends of the Grange would like to thank  all of those of you who participated, whether you planned, set up, cooked, worked the event, entertained, cleaned up or you just came for the fun. You were and are appreciated. With out you these events would not work! 

This year’s Loopy Leprechaun Talent Show at AES was dedicated to Mildred Holst. Mildred loved her family and supported her community in so many ways. This was the first Loopy Leprechaun without Mildred and she was thought of and remembered.

Joey Wallace and Dan Daley did an amazing job entertaining the community with guitar and song. Some of the amazing entertainment on Saturday night was Tracy Stange, Jim Moffit entertained us with some beautifully well picked songs for the event. 

Kaylee Joe Wallace and Joanna Korasadowicz with over the rainbow, a nicely done song.

 Lexus Renaud and Lauren Wilcox preformed an absolutely beautiful well-rehearsed dance routine. The girls actually had me be-bopping in my seat and received pretty close to a standing ovation for their performance.  Haley Holmstead performed “ We will never ever get back together again.” I hope we hear from this young lady. She was absolutely fantastic and never missed a beat with her song.

Maygin Leighton stole my heart with her petit features as she recited a short poem for St. Patricks day. Great job Maygin!

Josey Gard and Brittney Hood did a western number that was well rehearsed Pony!

Patrick Cormier and Crystal Crone did an amazing job also. Patrick writes and performs his own music. (Rarefield is the unique name of their band)

Bethany Howland and Maya Mann along with several of the kids from AES took the stage several times to entertain the crowd.

If by chance I’ve forgotten anyone, please let me know so I can update this for the folks in the community.

Next week I will be starting a new series into the weekly article and I could sure use the public’s help with this one. I have recruited John Dudley in this quest; however, his records are also incomplete. The Alexander/ Crawford Historical Society would love to have copies of any old newspaper clipping you may have and also the dates of when many of the locals wrote the article for the Alexander/ Crawford News.

I have currently dates ranging from 2012 back to 1979 along with who wrote those articles; however, those dates are incomplete. I will give the current list next week and maybe we can all work together to complete this list. From 1970 – 1940 and beyond we really have no idea who wrote the articles for this community or if it was even done at that time. Therefore, now is a good time to dig thru all those old family photo albums and see if you have any of the much-needed information to complete A-CHS’s records.

The Calais Advertiser dates all the way back to 1836. And it is a long tedious process going thru microfilms. In most all cases the author of the story is not published.  Therefore if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated.

Get well wishes to Maxine Seavey, Frank Green, and Mary Wallace.

The only anniversary for March is on the 7th Clark and Erin Allen Mills. Happy anniversary, folks.

Birthday wishes this week March 11th Joan Dodge, Pat Foley, David Moraisey, April Webber. March 12th Dave Holst. March 14th Elton Howard. March 15th Zach Newman. March 17th Josh Goodine. March 18th Martha McPhee. March 19th Ryan Greenlaw, Peggy Bryant. March 20th Tammy Davis, Mark Johnson. March 21st John Foley. March 22nd Weibly Dean II, Crystal Roussel, Willow Newman. March 23rd Erin Allen Mills, Stacey Spatcher. March 24th Vance Webber.

Email or call with any news. or 454-0332. You can also drop of any news at Randy’s Variety.