Novelist Plus and the Calais Free Library


The Calais Free Library website has a resource that can help readers look for more books they might enjoy: Novelist Plus.  We use Novelist Plus to help patrons find the titles of books in a series.  We can print off the list of books in order.  Other times, we help our patrons find types of books they enjoy reading.  We encourage people to think about the last really good book they read.  We can then type the title into Novelist Plus where we can find a list of attributes. I just finished reading Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn.  If I look that book up in Novelist Plus, I get an overview of the characteristics of that story: character driven, fast paced, suspenseful.  Those characteristics can help me look for similar types of books I might like.    I can click on some of the attributes I like to generate a list of similar books.  At other times a patron might have read everything a particular author has written and would still like to read more books that are similar:  we can look up an author and pinpoint certain traits a story has and find what Novelist Plus calls Author Read- Alikes.  A lot of readers love the Hunger Games trilogy written by Suzanne Collins.  Novelist Plus offers a list of series and authors similar to that series that readers might enjoy.  At times, teachers might be presenting a unit at school or have a special topic that needs extra material to support.  Novelist Plus is a great resource for teachers to find lists of titles to support various topics.  

If you are searching for something good to read, think of the last really good book you read and try typing the title in Novelist Plus.  You will find the characteristics of that book.  Once you click on the specific characteristics you enjoyed most, Novelist Plus will offer a new list of titles and authors for your consideration.  Some of us really want something good to pick up to read but have little time to browse the stacks.  Once you find something on Novelist Plus you can go in to the Minerva webpage and request it on your own or call us at the Calais Free Library at 454-2758.  You will need your barcode to sign into Novelist Plus from home.  If you cannot find your barcode or if you have any trouble signing in from home give us a call and we will walk you through the steps.  Novelist Plus helps librarians help patrons look for that next good book: this resource can help you too.