Sharon Frost



St. Patrick’s Day March 17th

The Romans used cabbage to help many medical conditions, from insomnia to heart disease.

Spring begins on March 20th.

The hospital auxiliary held donations on Friday. Gladys Greenlaw and Sharon Frost co-chaired along with Pat Yardley who had to be away at that time. The 50/50 was won by Paul Johnson. Pie drawings were Barbara Lang, Kathy Blake, Mary McDonald, Kristi Saunders, Gladys Greenlaw and Star Miller. The pies all looked lovely with quite a variety.

The Easter Basket Raffle is set up for all the goodies to be put in it for the Easter drawing. Molly McArthur has sold 500 tickets. Thank you, Molly, you always come through.

Nice to see Millie Burgess out and about. She’s looking great. Keep moving, Mill.

The Director of Togus will be holding a town meeting on March 21st at 6:00 pm at St. Anne’s Parish Hall on Thursday for all veterans and dependents.

Pat Yardley and Sister Judy are visiting their brother Herb Fitzgerald in New Hampshire to be with him as his wife is in the hospital.

The nice thing about living alone, you can leave the bathroom door open and you can wash just one dish at a time as you need it.

Birthday wishes to Bonnie Glynn, Marion Price, Megan DelMonaco, Nora Gilles, Judy Thornton, Vi Gaddis, Bonnie Sprague, Judy Antoniello, Ian Windrich, Katherine Smutz, our ever faithful Doc Brazier, Tammy Davis, Norma Shattuck 90th, Pat Gagner and Sharon Bailey.

A Music special was sung  by Roy Cornelius at the Second Baptist Church on Sunday. It was beautiful.

TheValley Gospel Singers will hold a benefit concert at the Second Baptist Church on March 23rd at 6:30 pm.

A surprise baby shower with baby’s dad Jarod Guillette was held on Sunday afternoon at the home of his parents Larry and Marilyn in Milltown. Friends of Treworgy Pharmacy attended as well as other guests. A great variety of food was enjoyed with some elegant desserts. Jarod’s wife is back in Korea and Jarod will leave on Wednesday to be with her and her family. They received lots of fancy pink baby clothes and cards opened by Jarod. A wonderful celebration.

Calais residents, we need to get off our stoops and get some movement in the downtown vacant buildings at least during the summer months. Lots of potential. It means helping one and other. Eastport and  Bar Harbor have it altogether. You can go in and out of the shops browsing. People stay here in motels and walk uptown for absolutely nothing to see or souvenirs to buy. There could be some home made crafts, knitting, ice cream shop and be opened on Friday evening like the old days. Boat trips up the river occasionally. How about a town cook-out and pot luck on the waterfront, games for the kids. Why do these owners need an enormous rent. I’d rather see these vacancies lit up and activity going on. It’s called caring, sharing, helping others, getting good publicity for our area. There is money to be made.

I think we should have crafts set up at the park on Main Street during festival. I was on the committee for 18 years and that park was filled to capacity every festival. A lot of money was made. It gave the kids a chance to slide and swing while parents browsed. People want more action down at the our park. It is beautiful there.

The Calais Methodist Church will be holding their baked beans, casseroles, rolls and homemade pie supper on Thursday, March 21st at 5:00 pm.