Weekly Report Washington County Sheriff’s Office

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The Sheriff’s Office has responded to several single-vehicle accidents over the past week.  Most have been due to poor road conditions.  We would like to remind operators to drive with caution and to stay off bad roads unless absolutely necessary.

The number of 9-1-1 calls from “pocket dials”, children playing with the phone, and mis-dials has increased significantly over the past few weeks.  The Sheriff’s Office encourages teaching children the importance of knowing how, and when, to dial 9-1-1.  


Chief Deputy Shawn Donahue completed a successful first-week on the job.  He says he is looking-forward to getting things caught-up.

Sgt. Tim Tabbutt and Cpl. Ralph Pineo responded to a potential domestic violence situation in Deblois.  The parties had separated by the time Tabbutt and Pineo reached the scene and no charges were filed.  One of the parties was escorted into the home to collect some personal belongings.


Sgt. Rich Rolfe responded to an in-progress domestic dispute in East Machias.  Upon arrival, Rolfe interviewed both parties and found that the victim had been threatened with a pair of scissors.  The second party was arrested for domestic criminal threatening with a dangerous weapon.

Cpl. Ralph Pineo is conducting an on-going investigation regarding a possible credit card theft in Cutler.  


Deputy Travis Oakes responded to a possible domestic assault in Machiasport.  The parties separated and no charges were pressed.