Schoodic International Sculpture Symposium Selects Calais as Part of Tour Trail

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By Kaileigh Deacon


Calais was chosen to be one of the last homes to a sculpture from the Schoodic International Sculpture Symposium (SISS). It was only one of six towns chosen for the 2014 additions to the Down East Coastal Trail. 

The SISS is a biennial event that brings together artists, visitors, and communities to create a public sculpture collection in Eastern Maine, according to the Symposium’s website. The upcoming symposium will be the 5th putting a total of 27 sculptures on the coasts of Washington and Hancock Counties. 

The upcoming Symposium will be held at Prospect Harbor in August of 2014. The Symposium brings artists from all over the world to Maine for a 6 week symposium in which the sculptors create their works with granite. The artist who is responsible for the Calais sculpture will first visit the town to come up with a design for the sculpture. 

“This opportunity fits in perfectly with our current and future plans as the City of Calais,” city Manager Diane Barnes said. “By being one of the communities selected, Calais will be one of the last stops on a tour route that will attract people from everywhere.” 

The project will require the community to raise $12,000 in non-city funds for the work and installation of the sculpture. The Calais City Council authorized Barnes to sign the letter of acceptance at Thursday’s Council meeting. “We have some very active groups like the CDRC and CIM and this project presents a great way for all of us as a community to work together,” Barnes said. 

The project will require the community as a whole to come together and not just for fundraising but to get the City ready for the sculpture. Barnes is working on creating a committee to help with the project and welcomes all volunteers to get involved. To help with the project you can contact Diane Barnes at 454-2521 ext. 11.