Indian Township

Geri Reynolds



This week’s article is a list of upcoming events for the Indian Township School community.

First on the line up is the fact the second trimester ended on March first and reports cards will be in the mail on Friday, March 8.  Monday, March 11 is an in-service day for teachers and a day off for students.

 Move and Improve is starting.  Students and other participants have the month of March to sign up.  Permission slips are being sent home this week.  This is a twelve week fitness program.  For more information, contact Sandy Lyon at school.

A change has occurred to the Pee Wee basketball practice schedule.  Girls’ practice is going to take place on Monday and Wednesday after school.  Boys’ practice on Tuesday and Thursday. 

This Saturday is the official time to set your clocks ahead one hour (spring ahead) when you go to bed.  I don’t know about you, but this is one of the harder changes that people have to make during the course of a school year.