Calais City Council Meeting

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By Kaileigh Deacon


The Calais City Council met for their final meeting in February on Thursday. Mayor Marianne Moore called the meeting to order before the council approved the consent agenda. 

The next order of business was to open the floor up for the two public hearings on the agenda .The first was the CDBG infrastructure grant. The grant would go toward rebuilding the pipe lines and sewers on King Street and Chapel Street. The City would be asking for $1 million in grant money which would require the city to provide a 25% match. The Council sent the idea to public hearing before voting to authorize Diane Barnes to send the request for the grant.

The second item up for Public Hearing was the Special Amusement permit for Jo’s Diner on Main Street. Jo’s requested a Special Amusement Permit to allow live acoustic music to be played in the front window. The request went to public hearing before being approved by the Council.

The meeting moved onto old business with the City Manager’s Report. Barnes told the council about the bereavement training she attended with the Calais Fire-EMS. The training was to help the Fire-EMS personnel dealing with family members of a loved one who has passed. Barnes praised the Fire-EMS and the trainers for the quality of the training. She also talked about the St. Croix College Aspirations Ceremony. 

The Committees then presented. The Property Committee talked about the continuing work being done to get the 4 Wheeler trails running through Calais. They are working toward getting permission from the Moosehorn to have the trails run through their property. The Economic Committee was the only other to present and they told the Council about the RFP (request for proposal) to get the ball rolling on the branding of the City. 

New business was addressed next. Diane Barnes told the council about the Schoodic International Sculpture Symposium’s acceptance of Calais as a location for the end of their tour. Barnes said the Council only needed to authorize her to sign the letter of acceptance for the SISS. The project would require an investment of $12,000 but not from City funds. It would all be money generated by funds and grants. The Council authorized Barnes to sign the acceptance letter.  

The Council also approved of the use of money from the Dawson fund to provide the Princeton airport with the extra $3000 they requested at the joint council meeting as well as the annual $4000 provided every year making a total of $7000. They authorized the Calais Fire-EMS to apply for money from the Bureau of Highway Safety Grant to purchase two new Temponic laptops for the Ambulances. They also scheduled a tentative joint Council and School Committee meeting for March 14 at 5:00 p.m. in Council chambers. The Council also appointed council members Artie Mingo, Billy Howard, and Chris Bernardini to  be part of the joint council in the works for Calais, Bailyville, and Eastport. 

The last item was reviewing the Downtown Ordinance. The Council discussed whether to do away with the ordinance completely or if it could be revised to work better. After discussion the Council decided to table the topic until the Planning Board had presented its suggestions. 

The council will meet again on March 14 at 6pm in Council Chambers.