Sharon Frost



March flower: Jonquil

Birthstone: Aquamarine

Daylight Savings Time begins March 10th.

March 4th - 8th Newspaper in Education Week

The month of March is dedicated to the Red Cross. It helps our military, collects blood for hospitals, offers safety programs and helps out with national disasters.

March is National Frozen Food Month, Nutrition, Peanut and also Noodle Month.

Don’t forget Donation Day at the Calais Regional Hospital coffee shop on Friday, March 8th. 9am - 2 pm. If you need a pick up, please call me at 454-3339.

Eldon and Marian Libby’s granddaughter will celebrate her 16th birthday on Friday, March 8th.

Isabel has undergone many surgeries in the past. Sure she would be excited to receive cards on her special day at 133 Prince Street, Needham, MA 02492.

The Methodist Church in Baileyville are serving their delicious roast turkey dinner on Thursday at 4:30.

A retirement party was held last week at the Wickachee for Evelyn Goodine and Vicki McLaughlin who worked at Treworgy Pharmacy for many years. The food was superb with hot rolls just out of the oven. A delicious cake for dessert. Plaques and gifts were presented to Vicki and Evelyn by the Man of the Hour, Dave Peters with his helpers Sue Mahar and Tammi Meyers. Lots of pictures were taken.

Birthday wishes: Erica Pike, Nick Thomas, Carlton Miller, Melanie Pagels, Patricia Look, Sherry Sivret, Wendy Putnam, Toni Clark, Helen Taylor, Emily Ginn, Bonny Beausoleil, Heidi Fitch, Mike Knudson, Anne Williams, Mary Jo Burgess, Jamie DelMonaco, Katelyn Chadwick, Lucinda Pike, Luke McDonald, Meagan Sabattus, Harold Scholl, Dave Peters, Rochelle Waycott, Beth Merrithew, Pam Bridges.

March 11th Commonwealth Day (Canada).

There are hundreds of varities of snowdrops (Galanthus) which bloom in early spring.

Ancient Chinese herbalists suggested eating chives as an anecdote to poison.

Sympathies go to Winnie Sisk, former resident of St. Croix Drive. Her husband Olen passed away at the age of 92.

The hospital auxiliary meeting was held on Monday evening. Prayer was read, reports were given, signed a get well card for Cynthia Carter on her hip surgery, 50/50 won by Barbara Lang.