Baileyville Police Report

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The Baileyville Police had another relatively quiet week dealing with agency assists, domestic violence, complaints, harassment and vehicle stops.

On February 25, on-duty officer assisted a motorist on Rte. 1 by providing lights for driver to get home.

On February 26, Danforth police called to report a loaded pulp truck with traffic violations was headed to the mill. On-duty officer looked for vehicle but vehicle was apprehended before it arrived in Baileyville.

On February 26, a complaint came in for a pickup traveling south on Route 1 that was being driven unsafely. Indian Township police called in complaint. Vehicle did not get to Baileyville.

On February 27, a traffic violation was reported on First Avenue. Vehicle was not located.

On February 28, on-duty police officer reported to Woodland Jr/Sr High School for a harassment problem between two juveniles. Both were warned.

On March 1, a report came in of a suspected drug deal in Baileyville at a business location. Police did not locate suspects or vehicle.

On March 2, police were called to Main Street apartment because of loud noises. Occupant of apartment was warned for disorderly conduct.

On March 4, police were called to Main Street apartment for possible domestic violence. When police arrived, occupants were moving furniture. State Police and  Sheriff’s Department assisted.