Kathy Mekelburg



The Sewell Memorial Congregational Church will hold a Council meeting on Saturday, March 2nd at 10 am at the home of Barbara Barnes.

Last Tuesday at 4:15 am the power and phones went out. The outage lasted about 7 hours. I ran the generator to get my car out of the garage and planned to go to Calais, when I encountered a road barrier. I learned that several utility poles had come down. Thanks to the quick action of the Electric Company who switched up over to another substation. There was a brief outage at suppertime in order for them to switch us back. It was a cold day and many housed got quite cold.

Mike and Darlene McConnell celebrated their 37th anniversary on Valentine’s Day. Hope you have many more. Two weeks ago, Mike and Darlene traveled to Bangor to see a specialist. Mike got good news and doesn’t have to go back.

The Robbinston Grange will meet on Monday, March 11th at 6 pm at the Wickachee Restaurant in Calais.

happy belated birthday to Dylon Fullerton on the 16th, Ellie Mae Cox on the 17th, Zachary Gray-Kelly on the 20th, Susan Leone on the 21st, Arnie Hennequin on the 22nd and Chance Shelton on the 23rd. Celebrating this week are Brandon Warren on the 25th, Estelle Halloway on the 26th, Sarah Sterner on the 28th, Nicole Nikita Richards on March 2nd and Joshua Stewart on the 3rd of March.