History: Who, What, When and Why

1922 The Buicks. (Photo submitted by Al Churchill).


Since tourney time is just around the corner I thought it would be appropriate to send along some photos provided me by Kerry Pinette of a couple of the earliest Calais basketball teams. These were not Calais Academy teams but men’s teams which competed statewide. Both the Lobsters (1910) and the Buicks ( 1923) were crowned State Champs but I’m not sure what organization handed them their crown. Perhaps one of you knows the answer. I do know the players were local heroes .Balls and banquets were held in their honor and many of the players became prominent local citizens.


The Buicks practiced and played their games on the third floor of the old Hill-Pike building across from the bottom of Church Street, now Cole Bridges. I thought the gym on Academy Street had been built before 1923, but perhaps not as I’m sure the Buicks and Lobsters would have been allowed to use the gym.