Grand Lake Stream

Dave McCullough

This picture is of the quilt which is to benefit Karen and Kenny Sprague.  The quilt was made and donated by Beth Poulin. See any member of the Women to Women group for raffle tickets.  Tickets are also sold at the Pine Tree Store and the Snowmobile Club House. (Submitted photo).

Nothing like trying something new from time to time. As Andy took off early this morning for a day of ice fishing he left off a 16 pound turkey and asked if I would get the smoker going and have the turkey ready by 5:00 pm for dinner at his home and there were guests coming!!  The smoker is a live fire smoker in the shape of a 55 gallon metal drum.  By 10:00 o’clock I had the charcoal starter going and let it sit 20 plus minutes then dumped the coals into the charcoal bin at the bottom of the smoker and waited another ½ hour to be sure all was going as planned. I next loaded the turkey in trying not place it too close to the exhaust hole and then reduced the air intake valves.  The temp ranged from 190 to 225 degrees in the smoker.  As we were planning a 6 hour smoking we did not have to refill the charcoal burner.  At 3 o’clock I turned the turkey over and delicious aroma filled the air!  I had a Christmas present of a meat temp fork so I took it out to check and at 5:00 it was right on the button of 162 degrees meat temp.  It was as moist as any turkey I have had.  I noticed that the meal disappeared quickly.

  Have you tried smoking meat?  If not give it a shot.  Fresh salmon from West Grand is extra tasty when smoked!

The Woman to Woman Group is sponsoring a pot luck dinner on Valentine’s Day at the town hall at 5:00 o’clock. Following at 6:30 is a movie.  Be sure and be part of this event and bring your favorite sweetheart and dish to share!

Here are the figurers of the ice thickness charts prepared by the Army Corp of Engineers.

1 ¾ inches of ice- one person on skies:  2 inches of ice- one person on foot or skates: 3 inches of ice- one snowmobile: 3 Inches of ice- a group of people walking single file: 7 inches of ice- a single passenger automobile: 8 inches of ice- a 2 ½ ton truck: 9 inches of ice- a 3 ½ ton truck and 10 inches of ice- a 7 to 8 ton truck. Regardless of the charts it is your responsibility to be sure the ice is strong enough to support you and the items with you!!

Remember that the West Grand Lake Snowmobile Club is open from 11 to 3 on Saturday and Sunday.  A special thanks to all that make this happen and a big salute to the chefs for their fine cooking! 

The totals from the coyote hunt this year is 46 registered.  Nineteen (19) males and twenty seven (27) females.  For more details contact Smith’s General Store in Springfield. Harvesting coyotes is one way of helping the deer herd. 

The amount of snow that came this week was quite a surprise and  Gorham made Fox News with  the highest accumulation in the state of Maine with 35.7 inches of snow.  When I opened the garage door early in the morning there was 28 inches of snow against the door.  I had to dig a path to the tractor.  The 46hp diesel JD tractor has a 7’ wide rear mounted snow blower.  The snow was light and fluffy but it took much of the day to get the driveways cleared. One of the advantages of a snow blower is that there are no snow banks because the blower shoots the snow off into the woods.