Sharon Frost


Ash Wednesday service noon and 6 pm.

February 15th public spaghetti supper. 4:30 - 6 pm.

President’s Day is February 18th.

Ilene O’Hara is visiting her son in Florida.

Fred Becker is home recuperating. Give him a call.

Sympathy to Norma Griffin on the loss of her husband, Ken, and the untimely death of Kelly (Linton) Hale, daughter of Bruce and Babette Linton formerly of Calais and also the granddaughter of Ken Griffin.

Birthday wishes: Debra Hill, David McHugh, Josh Sammer, Thursa Sawyer, Heather Townsend, Doris Pike, Pastor Beal, Amanda Fowler, Florence Russell, Zachary Davis, Sharon Frost, Lisa Frost, Mary McAdams, Norma Shattuck, Jeremy Adams, Dot Glass, Bobbi Daggett, Shirley Monteer, Bernard Johnson, Denise Marrs, Monty Dorie, David Daggett.

Jenna Howard is home from Portland visiting her parents, Lisa and Derek Howard and sister Camille.

Please get your news to me so I can keep on writing.