Dorothy Johnson

Nemo came and brought us some snow and lots of winds, but we seem to have faired very well compared to Massachusetts and Connecticut.  Orca is on its way and already caused much damage in the South.  According to the experts, the wintry side of Orca is going to hit many of the same cities hit by Nemo.  Some of those cities have not yet cleaned up from Sandy in the fall.  My heart goes out to the residents without shelter as well as many other conveniences we take for granted.

The first weekend in February, the Maine Game Warden community relations officer sent a memo to the Calais Advertiser saying that eight vehicles (trucks, atvs, snowmobiles) had gone through the ice in various parts of the state.  When I heard that we had an incident in this area, I wanted to bring the safety message home so I wrote what I heard about that incident.  I was thankful that the former Dragons involved had kept level heads, followed safety protocols and had a happy ending to the incident.    Shawn Howland had the ice break under his ATV.  He and Greg Dow are experienced, safety-conscious outdoors men.  They were smart in how they handled this situation.  I apologize for any harassment the men took on account of the way I wrote the story.  They are both heroes in my book.

It was good to hear that the Woodland Dragons (boys) will have a prelim game this week.  Let’s hope the weather is favorable as they leave for The Coast.  Good luck to all the other county teams competing in prelims and in the tournament itself.  All schools will be on winter break so they can take advantage of the tourney games or the fine weather in the sunny South.

The Riverside Rebekahs had to postpone their February breakfast and will be holding it next Sunday, February 17th.  Come enjoy a really good breakfast that requires no after-eating clean up for diners.

The first Tuesday women of the class of 1965 would like to send a big “Hello” to classmate Carol Campbell Thornton this week. Carol keeps up with all of our birthdays and Calais Advertiser news from Texas.

Elaine Holland, a former waitress at Bernardini’s Restaurant, is having serious health problems and we want her to know we are thinking of her.

Others still on the feeling poorly list and needing sunny thoughts sent their way are Greta Leighton, Iris Brown, Estella Johnson, Patsy Hanson, Don Brown, Barbara Landry, Avis McIntyre, Eleanor McCray, Gladys McCray, Bobby James, Eldon Jackson and anyone else who might be down and out this week.

Happy birthday wishes this week (February 14th through February 20th) go out to the following:  Nancy Lincoln, Vicky O’Neill, John Gallant, Sr., Michael Oakes, Ben Cochran, Josh Sammer, Sue Oliver, Breyan Newman, Jo-Ann McGovern, Nancy Duchaine, Sylvia Brown, Chester McCray, Paula Johnson, Patrick Barnard and Carl Oakes.  May you all enjoy your special days.

Happy anniversary wishes this week go to Brad and Heidi Porter, Rhonda and Carl Oakes, Tim and Bonnie Carter, and Linda and Glen Phelps.  Have a great day.

Congratulations to former Dragons who made the Dean’s List at the University of Maine Machias for the fall semester Beckery Knowles Renaud, Lori Croman, Sierra Crowe, Carrie Cilley and Hope Howard.  I also saw Lauren Withers name on the list, but I am not sure it is the same Lauren Withers that was a Woodland Dragon.  Also on the Deans list were my cousins Shelby Stanhope and Danielle Tarbell, both former W.A. Raiders.  Congratulations to all.

Stay safe and have a great week.