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Super Bowl Sunday 2013 is now long over and we have a winner, and early spring is on the way, according to groundhog “Punxsutawney Phil.” However this past weekend it sure did not feel like spring was anywhere near its early arrival as Mainers got hit with the blizzard of 2013. For those that enjoy getting out onto the snow mobile trails and enjoy skiing you will have lots of snow to play in now.

  Many thanks go out this week to our road crews who work long hard hours braving the roads and the weather and keeping them cleared for emergency personal etc. These folks drive endless hours with little breaks keeping roads cleared and maintained. The task at hand for these folks is very difficult driving thru white out conditions and slippery roads, possibilities of being stuck or going off the road themselves. So when you see our plow truck drivers be sure to give them a huge thank you, they deserve it. Remember they work for you 24/7.

Here is something of interest for those of you that are looking to break up the winter boredom and get into something a little bit different and maybe educate or infuse and interest a young mind of all ages. The Great Backyard Bird Count (GBBC) is for everyone, from beginner birdwatchers to experts, and for the first time ever; anyone can participate from anywhere in the world. Counting birds provides scientists and researchers with a real-time snapshot of winter bird populations. Each checklist submitted during the GBBC helps the National Audubon Society, Cornell Lab of Ornithology, and Bird Studies Canada learn more about how birds are doing, and how to protect them and the environment we share. Please join us for the GBBC, Friday, February 15th through Monday, February 18th, and together we can make our local birds count.  .

Friends of the Grange met to decide on this year’s community event. Lots to expect this year with many FREE events for the community to enjoy. First on the agenda is the Loopy Leprechaun Talent show open to all communities who are interested in coming out and singing dancing or whatever talent you may have. Talent is needed for this FREE event. March 16th at 6:30 pm at the Alexander Elementary School. Mystery prizes are back also. Therefore if you know anyone who would like to participate be sure to pass the word. This event is being sponsored by Friends of the Grange.  Refreshments and talent are needed. Talent is welcome to walk in on the day of the show to help entertain.

Relay for Life community yard sale will be April 16th 2013.

Hometown Jubilee will be held July 6th with concessions, games, cakewalk, and open tent – music for a jam session. Free event. Talent is needed.

Summer Library will once again be held by Rhonda Oakes for all those to enjoy. Free event for the community. I will have more details for you, as we get closer to summer.

The big topic on the table at this years planning was the Community Christmas party sponsored by Friends of the Grange (FoG). The topic was to keep the community Christmas party at the Grange or move it to the school. Community interest has grown with this event. Questions now are being asked whether the old grange can safely sponsor and hold this event due to the large crowd that participates and extreme overcrowding. Many of our beloved senior citizens would love to attend but can no longer climb the stairs. Of course with the larger crowds this is also a major question on fire safety hazards, (what would happen if there was ever a potential fire and could folks get out safely due to the age of the building).  The next question of course is what would happen if emergency personal had to intervene simple because of someone upstairs having a heart attack or became ill. The Grange has served many generations throughout its lifetime, however, now wiring and safety has come into question.

This year’s event for the Community Christmas party will be held at AES with a 9-1 vote to move the event to the school. Possible date will be December 7th I will update you as we get closer to this event.

  For those that have been asking, the Alexander Grange membership and charter has dwindled to such a small amount of community participation, it is looking more and more towards the Grange itself loosing its charter. On many occasions there were not enough to hold a basic Grange meeting. This will mean that the building will resort being handed back over to the Maine State Grange Association if it loses its charter. Which of course was why the Friends of the Grange was implemented to keep the Grange alive in memory and to allow those that do not wish to join the grange to help organize and assist in community event planning.

 February Anniversaries are Mike and Mickey White on February 26th.

Get well wishes to Maxine Seavey, Frank Green, and Mary Wallace, Fred Olsen is being added to the get-well list. I hope he has a speedy recovery.

Birthday wishes this week go out to January 30th 2011 Mike Turner, Carol Snyder Folsom. January 31st Mavis Snyder, Caleb Blake, Sarina Carter Speed, February 4th. David Frost, Bryan Blake .February 6th 2011 Ashleigh Pyles, Eleanor Dean. February 7th Ty Jamieson. February 8th Anne Jamieson. February 9th Donna Brown. February 10th Elizabeth McVicar, Elizabeth Carter, Marilyn Dwelley, Caleb Morrison. February 12th Marquerite White, Betty Niles, Christine Henry. Katherine Mercier, Julian Owen Feb. 13 2011. Also on Feb. 14 (Valentines day) Frankie Lawless, Barbara Webber, Audrey Frost. February 15th Dana Kay, Bogumila Korasadowicz, Elaine Girouard, David McVicar Sr.. February 16th Mike Oakes. February 17th Deven Howland, Dennis Brown, Michelle McVicar, Casey Lynn Eliason. February 18th Dylan Lord, Norman Davis. February 19th Diana Howell. February 20th Austin Niles, Arthur Allen, Alyssa Cadet. February 21st Paula Johnson. February 22nd Carl Oakes, Cloe Marie Shopland. February 23rd Joline Thornton, Tabytha Chappa, Doug Lord. February 25th Marie Oakes, Jason Goodine, Kandis Davis. February 26 David Porter.

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