St. Croix #1 Fire Station Gets New Windows

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By Dorothy Johnson

Above Charlie Towns, the builder of the replacement windows for the St. Croix #1 Fire Station, Tom Parks, the seller of the most raffle tickets, Assistant Chief Dick Barnard and Fire Chief Robert Posick draw the winning ticket for the 150 gallons of fuel oil donated jointly by V.L. Tammaro Oil Company and the Dead River Oil Company. Albert Parks of Calais was the luck winner. (photo by Dorothy Johnson)



The Calais Fire Department and the members of the St. Croix Fire Station Association teamed up for a 150 gallon of #2 fuel oil raffle and were able to earn enough money for the replacement of another window for the historical fire station.  The fuel oil was jointly donated by the V.L.Tammaro Oil Company and the Dead River Oil Company.

The St. Croix #1 Fire Station Association, a 501 C (3) non-profit organization, has been working on the restoration of the old fire house for several years, but now  according to Assistant Chief Dick Barnard, “The restoration is proceeding by leaps and bounds.” 

“We had restored only four windows up to this point, but we have received an $11,000 grant and that will be enough to replace the remaining windows,” continued Barnard. “We had an anonymous donation for a window in memory of Sophie Dowling and Mary Wright, a donation for a window in memory of Assistant Chief Arthur Chisholm by Bob and Bonnie Lyons, another donation for a window in memory of Ralph McLean, a former Fire Chief here in Calais by Bob and Barbara Maenhout. Now we can have all of the windows finished.”

“Border Electric has been doing some wiring for us.  We are really doing well. This has become a community project for seniors and youngsters both, “said Barnard. “We have 15 to 24 members of the association show up every month for our meetings and those members have come to the front to do whatever is necessary.  The community and businesses have shown much generosity to us.  V.L.Tammaro Oil Company and the Dead River Company have never refused us anything.  In fact, two workers from each company worked together to purchase and install a power vent because the building does not have a chimney.”

“We can never thank the community enough for all it has done for this project”, said an appreciative Barnard.  “I think when the post office on Main Street was torn down people said ‘enough is enough’ and they rallied behind this project.”

Fire Chief Robert Posick wanted to thank his firefighters too.  “I would like to thank our firefighters who have supported this project and the St. Croix membership in assisting us with keeping our tradition alive,” said the Chief.

The Association will be having a cash calendar raffle in the near future.  In fact they have plans for a fund raiser for every month.  The group has always been an enthusiastic bunch, but the closer they get to their goal, the more enthusiastic they get.