Grand Lake Stream

Dave McCullough


Recently I was having a conversation with a small business owner in Washington County about ice fishing on West Grand and the conversation slipped over into his small business and the new taxes imposed by Washington.  He had more than a dozen employees and after the new taxes took affect his cost was raised by $350 per week.  His only choice was to lay off most of the folks and convert his business to primarily a  family operation.  Is there any chance that any one in Washington knows how they impact small business? I continue to be very skeptical! 

Grandson Nolan has been a very busy boy these last few weeks.  He has acquired a ¾ HP make and break 1920 lawn mower engine and has been steadily getting it ready to run. His mind is already active about his float this year for the July 4th Celebration.   He liked getting the 1st place prize this past summer on the 4th. The challenge is on for the most outstanding float in the July 4th parade!! He and his Dad do ice fishing part of most weekends on Long Lake in Naples.  He is looking forward to the fishing tournament this Saturday and Sunday.  He turns 11 in a month and is having a great time in the 5th grade.  I drove by the southern edge of Sebago this morning and it is the center has not caught yet and is still open!

Grand Lake Stream Orchid Society will hold its second meeting on February 10, 10:00 @ Mike’s. 

Society Purpose: To create a group of orchid growing people in G.L.S. for people:with no experience to experts. Meeting Agenda: Introduction to orchids. Three easy growing orchids. Report an orchid. Quick society business organization talk.  

All orchid questions answered at any time. Any questions contact: Mike Remillard. Member: EMOS, Eastern Maine Orchid Society, Hermon, Maine.  

Former: V.P. OSOS, Ocean State Orchid Society. Former: OSOS Speaker Program Chair. at: 109 Milford Rd, 508-883-5947,

The Woman to Woman Group is sponsoring a pot luck dinner on Valentine’s Day at the town hall at 5:00 o’clock. Following at 6:30 is a movie.  Be sure and be part of this event and bring your favorite sweetheart and  dish to share!

Maine Timberlands Charitable Trust awards $285,000 to Downeast Lakes Land Trust for Education & Communication Program.

Downeast Lakes Land Trust has announced that the Maine Timberlands Charitable Trust has made a three year, $285,000 grant to the trust to support and expand its education programs and its communication work.  The land trust is currently seeking to hire a full-time Education & Communications Manager.  

The Maine Timberlands Charitable Trust is a private foundation established by Barbara “Bee” Wheatland upon her death in 2010.  Its mission is to assist organizations dedicated to the conservation and economic development of forestlands, timberlands, and other natural resources in the State of Maine, as well as related education, research, and other activities supporting the environmentally compatible use and preservation of these resources.  

Bee had a deep lifelong love for the Maine woods and commitment to responsible stewardship of the land.  She was actively involved in the development of forestry certification practices, hardwood processing facilities, individual ownership of working forestlands, and innovative approaches in the economic development of Maine’s natural resources to provide employment opportunities for Maine residents.  

This grant will allow Downeast Lakes Land Trust to substantially expand and improve upon a strong volunteer-based education program and build strong connections between local residents and visitors to the natural resources of our community forests.  

Downeast Lakes Land Trust owns and manages a 33,708-acre Community Forest, and is raising funds to acquire an adjacent 21,870-acre parcel.  Its current education programs include a summer youth-focused “Explorations and Adventures” program on Tuesday mornings, and a year-round “History and Heritage” series of presentations, workshops, and classes.  “We’re thrilled that the Maine Timberlands Charitable Trust is supporting this important work,” said Mark Berry, Executive Director.  “Our volunteers have built a great program to help build connections between area residents and visitors and our natural resources.  This grant will allow us to add a new professional staff person and help these programs to thrive and expand.”

The Education & Communications Manager the trust is seeking to hire will also help develop partnerships with local schools, and assume responsibilities for communications including print and online materials.   According to Berry, the trust expects the position to be permanent, beyond the three years guaranteed by the current grant.  The complete position description and application instructions are available at  

The latest news from the coyote hunt is as follows:  There now are 66 contestants.  Allen Clark still has the largest female at 39.56 pounds and Earl Smith has the biggest male weighing in at 41.76 pounds.  Total harvested is 34, 15 males and 19 females.  Thanks to Smith’s General Store in Springfield for all your work to help make this happen.

There have been a couple reports of vehicles breaking through the ice recently.  In both cases a sled or ATV went thru but did not go to the bottom.  Be sure and check the ice!! It is reported that much of West Grand has 20 inches or more but with water currents under the ice it can become thin and dangerous very quickly.

The following is from the Army Corp of Engineers.

Every winter it becomes very important to know when the ice is safe to use. Here are some guidelines for determining the safety of freshwater ice. The following table of safe loads is valid ONLY for ice that is clear and sound, with no flowing water underneath. it is not reliable for stationary loads. When in doubt, stay off the ice !

It is highly recommended that you familiarize yourself with the Safety on Floating Ice Sheets information by CRREL.

Have a Great Week, keep warm and smiling!!  Your humble correspondent, Dave McCullough    207-839-4205