Sharon Frost



An estimated one billion Valentine cards are purchased each year, according to the greeting card association. 85% are purchased by women.

New moon is on February 10th. St. Eulalie is on the 12th. If the sun smiles on St. Eulalie’s Day, it is good for apples and cider, they say.

Abraham Lincoln’s birthday February 12th.

Ash Wednesday, February 13th.

Golden Harmony will be at the Second Baptist Church on Saturday, February 16th at 6:30 pm.

Don’t forget the Pink Zone Basketball game at Woodland High School on Wednesday, February 6th from 5 to 6:30 pm. Wear your pink.

February is dental health month. Not only should we brush and floss our teeth every day, but also choose healthy snacks instead of surgary snacks.

Birthday wishes go out to Carla Bridges, Heather Smale, Joe McAdams, Bruce Howland, David Beckett, Shane DelMonaco, Barbara Clark, George Stevens, Sharon Johnson, Kay Urquhart, Vincent Day, Allison Atkinson, Amanda Matthews.

Joe and Marie Krug, Happy Anniversary.

The quilters held a Tea on Saturday afternoon at the Methodist Homes Rec Hall. There were demonstrations of quilts and wall hangings. Each one attending received a quilted microwave plate holder. Refreshments were served.

The Sunday Wickachee breakfast group observed an early Valentine treat and cards by me, Sharon, and decorative cupcakes made by Joni. Our table overflowed. Duncan and Flo McGlinchey’s son and daughter-in-law joined us. A wonderful celebration