Dorothy Johnson

It is strange weather we are experiencing these days.  The temperature went from below zero to 54 degrees in Calais on Thursday.  Then we went back to the cold temperatures.  Yesterday the grass thought it was going to grow; today it is covered with snow. Is this our evidence of climate change?

Many people were without power last week because of the high winds.  My aunt in Pembroke went without power for twenty-six and a half hours.  It was a good thing the weather was warm for a part of that time. The folks did have the use of a generator so it did not get as cold as it might have.

Brittani Roussel has been placed on the Dean’s Lit at the University of New England in Biddeford, ME.  She’s majoring in dental hygiene and is a former Dragon graduating last June from W.H.S.  Brittani was an honor student at W.H.S. and very involved in school and community activities.  She is the daughter of Imond and Arlene Roussel.  Great job, Brittani.

Congratulations to Aaron Engroff and Hannah Woodruff, two former Dragons who were named to the Dean’s List at University of Maine.

Ray Merritt will not be getting home for his birthday this week.  His sister Laurie Larkin is not able to get him but she does ask that we send birthday cards if we can. His address is as follows: Raymond Merritt, PO Box 310, Eagle Lake, ME 04739

Others celebrating birthdays this week (February 6th through February 13th) are as follows: Jessica Moreside, Bill Seavey, Kelsey Worden, Elizabeth McVicar, Elgin McGaw, Eliza Jack, Frank Sadler, Mel McKeel, Janice Flood, Heather Smale, Ryley Cilley and Eric Free.  Your friends are wishing you all wonderful celebrations and a great year ahead.

Happy anniversaries are being sent to Peta and Grover Brown and Jody and Duane Andrews. 

Sunny thoughts and quick recovery wishes are going out this week to the following:  Barbara Landry, Estella Johnson, Don Brown, Marian Hunnewell, Madeline and Leo Perkins, Gladys McCray, Greta Leighton, Bobby James, Irene Glidden, Beth McCray, Eleanor McCray, Eldon Jackson, Pete Mercier, Bev Crosby, Luann Durgin and Bill Wong.

Madeline Perkins’ family from Canada came over to celebrate her birthday with her on January 30th.  Madeline and Leo’s son-in-law and grandchildren made Madeline’s birthday very special.

Jolene Bires and Diane Oulette were in town last weekend to spend time with Mom, Pauline Bires.

Three organizations are collaborating to have a spaghetti supper for the fuel fund at St. Anne’s Episcopal Church in Calais on the 15th.  Because of the cold winter, many fuel funds have given out what funds they had and now this group is working on putting more money aside to keep people warm.

The Elementary School earned $300 for their new IPads on the Winter Weekend Get-a-Way raffle.  Dale Croman donated the gift and Bill            bought the lucky ticket.

I have heard that the cardinals have move to the other end of Summit Street.  Polly Slefinger wrote me that she had five females and two males.  Betty Adams also reported that she had seen several cardinals up her way.  We are feeding several chickadees, a dozen morning doves, two fat pigeons, a flock of starlings, several crows and many hungry, shrieking blue jays.

Readers are reminded that the February breakfast of the Riverside Rebekahs will be this Sunday, February 10 from 7:00 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. See the ad on page 10.

Two former Dragons had a scary ride last weekend.  Shawn Howland and Greg Dow were on the lake near Charlie Leighton’s Camp.  Shawn had his four-wheeler and Greg was standing on the back of a dogsled-like contraption being hauled by Shawn’s machine.  Shawn saw an open in the ice and stepped of his accelerator so he cleared the gap in the ice.  Greg’s sled, however, went into the hole and Greg was in the cold water up to his chest.  The rear end of the sled held the sled from disappearing into the hole.

Shawn stopped his vehicle, crawled back to the hole, pulled Greg out of the hole and took him to camp to get warm and dry.  Both guys  are cautious on the ice and believe that the hole was caused by the run off from the rain storm the day the temperatures were in the fifties.  This could have been a much sadder story.  All fishers need to remember that the ice depth depends on where you are, not where you were.  Congratulations on clear thinking and your mastery of survival skills, guys.

Stay safe and have a great week.