“Sugar and Spice” Is a Big Success

By Dorothy Johnson

Former Dragon Bonnie Kake Engroff left Woodland as soon as she graduated from Woodland High School.  She lived in Bangor, Charlotte, South Carolina, Dallas and Arlington, Texas, traveled to the Bahamas and many other exiting places but decided that she wanted to come back to this area for “some peace and quiet.”  She did return to the area and the rest is history.  Her peace and quiet involves working like crazy in her home business, “Sugar and Spice.”

After carefully putting together a business plan for a home bakery, Bonnie set up her kitchen, received her license on August of 2011 and opened her bakery in October of 2011, just fourteen short months ago.  Since the bakery’s first steps of selling baked goods at the Calais and Princeton Farmers’ Markets, “Sugar and Spice” has grown into a five-day-a-week-walk-in operation with deliveries on Thursdays to the Pine Tree Store, Growing Concern, the Waite General Store and the Wickachee, a bakery to order, and a full time job for Bonnie, who has hired an employee to help her.  Bonnie’s husband John (Engroff) is in charge of making deliveries.

“This is amazing,” said Bonnie speaking of her business. “This is way beyond what I imagined when I started this.  I have been able to hire another person full time and I may have to hire someone else later.  I did not begin this with the expectation of getting rich.  I just love cooking and the business gives us extra money. Last summer I was so busy baking that I did not sleep.  While things are slower, I am making a plan for the summer that will be less hectic.”

The many delicious baked goods on sale at “Sugar and Spice” include wonderful bread (20 to 25 loaves per day), pies of all kinds and in two sizes, cupcakes, cookies, brownies, muffins, sweet breads and cakes.  Bonnie is also willing to take personal orders and if she thinks she can make a new item, she will.

Her latest new products are “Sugar and Spice Twinkie Zingers” and tiramisu cake, which is a three-layered cake made with coffee, kahlua and mascarpone cheese.  This fantastic dessert is sold by the piece or by an entire cake.

Bonnie wants to emphasize that walk-ins are very important to her business.  “When walk-ins came last summer and I was already sold out, I thought they were disappointed and reluctant to try again. I want to be sure that patrons know that walk-ins are very important to my business.”

“Sugar and Spice” is an example of how entrepreneurs are able to “grow our economy” with an idea, some investment (most of Bonnie’s equipment is second-hand) and a good work ethic…and even though “Sugar and Spice” is very successful, readers can expect they will be hearing more from Bonnie and her operation before too much longer.

Hours for “Sugar and Spice” are Tuesday through Saturday from 10 am to 5 pm… and readers are reminded that Friday is chocolate éclair day.