Scoring Big

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Junior Quinn Sluzenski score a perfect 80 on both sections of her PSAT, a feat that has never been accomplished at Calais High School.  (Photo by Kaileigh Deacon)

By Kaileigh Deacon

Most students consider themselves lucky to get a 100% on their math test or their English test let alone scoring perfectly on both sections of their Preliminary or Practice SAT but that is exactly what Quinn Sluzenski has done.

The Calais Junior was shocked to find out the results of her PSAT, “I never thought I’d score that high,” Sluzenski said. The test, while not required for juniors, helps them prepare for the SAT their senior year, a test which most colleges and universities look at when students apply for admission. 

“For a student to score a perfect 80 on both sections in the same day has never been done at Calais High,” Calais High School guidance counselor Tom Robb said. Slubzenski is the first student on record at Calais High School to achieve this feat. 

But the test offers more than just practice to those who take it. “I think the name is misleading. People don’t know that the PSAT matters,” Sluzenski said. And according to Robb because Sluzenski received a perfect  score putting her in the top 1% of PSAT test takers she now qualifies for the National Merit Scholarship. 

Aside from her outstanding academic achievements Sluzenski also is a member of the CHS band, the Film Making Club, Junior Class Secretary, and writes the Calais High column for the Advertiser. In order to perform well on the test she gave up time from her summer vacation to study from two different SAT manuals. “My Mom deserves a lot of the credit,” Sluzenski admitted. 

As for preparing for the SAT she is only nervous about the essay portion since the practice test doesn’t have one of those. Sluzenski also has some advice for other students getting ready to take either test; “put in the effort, study, and ask for help. There isn’t a teacher here that wouldn’t help you.”