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Now that Thanksgiving has been enjoyed and shared, evidence of the Christmas season is all around us.  Meddybemps is beginning to glow with the Christmas spirit,  decorations and sparkly lights.  Maxine Palmeter’s home looks especially beautiful again this year.   

Congratulations to Barry and Sue Pearson upon the birth of their new grandson, Elliott.  He is the son of their son Barry, Jr., and his wife who live in California.  Barry and Sue got to meet the baby when they traveled to California for the Thanksgiving holiday.   

Others celebrating birthdays this frosty time of the year include Sally Ketchen - December 1, Chris Gillespie (4), Lisa Lord (7), and Jason Gibson (8). Best wishes to each of you.  

December 7 marks the “day that will live on in infamy,” according to Franklin D. Roosevelt -- the day that U. S. Naval ships, military personnel and bases in Hawaii were attacked by the Japanese, marking the beginning of World War II in the Pacific.  We honor our veterans of that war, and all others since, who lay down their lives for our country and all who have been richly blessed to live in freedom because of their sacrifices.    

Ike Winchester was successful during deer season in Maine. Seasonal resident, Rich Lentz hunted in The Forks area of Maine with his brother who bagged a moose.  He then hunted on his own property in Pennsylvania and got a nice sized buck not too far from his house.  The deer herds in Pennsylvania are quite large, but are well managed by the Game Commission. Hunting seasons are designed to control the areas and sizes of the deer herds, which also keeps many deer from a death of starvation during the winter months. 

For our seasonal residents who are now away from here for the winter, it was beginning to feel a lot like Christmas until December 2.  Temperatures were in the teens at night and mid-20’s during the day.  Of course, now it is in the high 40’s, and the thinly iced lake is punctuated with little ponds and streams of water from Sunday night’s rain. In a few days, the lake surface will most likely be iced again with an even more beautiful mirror like finish.  Thus is early winter in this part of Maine.  

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“For the spirit of Christmas fulfills the greatest hunger of mankind” - Loring A. Schuler.