Town News

Dorothy Johnson

A foggy dawn made for slippery roads conditions all over Maine on Black Friday.

Over head the weather was beautiful for the holiday, but in some places the underfoot conditions were a bit treacherous.  Now we are having more seasonal temperatures with the wind blowing and thin ice forming on the still water.  On the lighter side, the geese are still drawing straws to find out who will be the first leader off the ball diamond and the scooter has been mothballed for the winter.

Enid and Erlin Reynolds were in Baileyville for Thanksgiving.  They traveled from Florida and enjoyed a big family gathering at Brian and Missy Campbell’s.  Although residents of the St. Croix Valley were grateful for the warm weather, Enid and Erlin were freezing all while they were here.

Donnie Brown and his wife Christina (Townsend) visited with his parents Don and Sylvie Brown for Thanksgiving. Gary and Chrissie Moore, Zach and Ruby Moore and their children were also at the Brown house for Thanksgiving dinner.  Sylvie made special pies for some of the family and Donnie helped cooked the main meal.  Dad Don has been in poor health this fall, but both he and Sylvie are happy to have family around.

Carleton and Iris Brown enjoyed having their sons and their sons’ families home for the holiday weekend.  Iris loves to cook and I am sure Carleton did his share of the work too.

Bruce Goding had to work at his sand pit on Thanksgiving so Sharon volunteered at St. Anne’s Episcopal Church helping serve the many people who came for a great Thanksgiving dinner.

The members of the People’s United Methodist Church will be hosting a Christmas sing-a-long on Tuesday, December 4th at 6 pm at the church.  Members will be providing hot chocolate and Christmas treats.  Big John Gallant has promised that if more than 50 people share in this Ecumenical event, he will make dynamites for the next sing-a-long.

The Christmas parade is being planned by the holiday committee (Jo Gallant and Muriel Crosby and their elves) for Friday, December 14th.  As usual the parade will form at the town building on Broadway between 5 and 6 pm and the parade will begin at 6 pm sharp.  Jo and Muriel are looking for volunteers for floats and walkers and anyone else who wants of participate.  After the parade Santa will meet with the children at the Spednic Club.  Hot chocolate and cookies will be available for the gathering.

The Woodland Jr./Sr. High School will be holding their Christmas Concert on Thursday, November 29th at 7pm. The Woodland Elementary School’s winter concert will be held on December 12th. Everyone including the band and chorus directors and their students are working hard to put on a good concert.  Let’s support our musicians with the same enthusiasm that we support our athletes.  

On Friday November 30th the drama club will be putting on their fall skits.  These students too have worked hard and would appreciate the support of a discerning audience.

Big happy birthday wishes are being sent out this week (November 30th through December 6th) to the following:  Nick Landry, Lorraine Annis, Heidi Graceffa, Emma Hill, Brianna Jack, Braden Richard, Stephen Johnson, Sr., Brian Benson, Glen Phelps, Linda McArthur, Carl Nicholas, Sr., Niki Brown, Chris White, Noah Southard and Sandra Crosby.

Friends and relatives of Eileen Lewis surprised her with a big 90th birthday at the Spednic Club last Saturday.  Mrs. Lewis turned 90, but she has not slowed down her cooking for the family.  Her molasses cookies are some of the very best around.  Mrs. Lewis is also loves to play bingo and is happy to get to her bingo games. Sunny thoughts and get well wishes are going out this week to several friends and neighbors: Robbie Redding, Cindy Pratt, Sandra Blaney, Brad and Marion Hunnewell, Irene Glidden, Bud and Greta Leighton, Andrea Rodgers, Majesta Cullerton, Trudy Poole and anyone else who needs a lift.

The word on the street is that Linda’s Pizzaria, formerly Jason’s Pizza House, will open on Wednesday on the corner of Mill Street and Second Avenue.  It will be good to have a place in town to get a quick pizza once in a while.  The town needs it and hopefully, residents will support this business.

Stay safe and have a great week.