Town News

I sincerely hope everyone in the community enjoyed their Thanksgiving meal this past week. I know our family did. My son Frederick and I traveled to Brewer to spend the holiday with my son William. We were delayed leaving Thanksgiving morning due to extremely icy road conditions along Route 9 but we made it up and back safely. Road crews were out in full force all along Route 9 very early to clear the roads for holiday travelers and folks heading for Bangor for Black Friday shopping.

  Thanksgiving evening around 11 pm, we headed for Walmart, not to buy anything but to see what the crowds were like in town. I was absolutely amazed pulling into the parking lot of Walmart and seeing both parking lots full with very few parking spaces left. The crowds stretched all the way from the side entrance door of Walmart straight down to the Shop and Save and around the corner. I was especially impressed with the way Walmart had it set up this year and saw an orderly crowd with no pushing and shoving to get into the doors. Past crowds would swarn the door once it opened and it was quite dangerous.

This was actually quite refreshing to see the change in venue and it made for a much more organized crowd with a lot less injuries. The shopping experience was actually quite enjoyable and we didn’t feel by the time we left the store that we had been run over by a Mack tuck even though the store was packed.

The talk about town now is the upcoming community Christmas party that the community looks forward to each year. December 8th is the date to mark on your calendars 4 to 8 pm. Alexander Grange will also be collecting donations for the food pantry again this year during its Christmas party. Empty boxes will be set up at the door as you come in to make a donation towards the local food pantry.  The Grange still needs entertainment for this community event and of course lots of delicious foods. 

Reminder to parents: I have to ask and inform everyone that an adult must accompany children. There will also be door prizes this year so be sure to get your name in the jars throughout the Grange for the drawing at the end of the evening.

This is a very hard time of year for our elderly and shut-ins.  Please check on them regularly. Senior citizens fear moving into a nursing home and losing their independence. Now is a good time to set up wellness checks for your shut-ins with neighbors, friends, and family.

Let us also make this a safe and warm winter for them. Your local police departments and sheriff departments will also do wellness checks if a person cannot be reached by phone and weather is not permitting you to drive. Our beloved senior citizens, this time of year, are at the greatest risk.

Second on your list is make sure your pets are not outside all night long in the cold. If they have to be outside, please make sure their living quarters are winterized and make sure they do not stand alone in the outside elements. I know the temperatures here this past week have dropped to below freezing.

Get-well wish list and hope these folks recover quickly, Mildred Holst, Mary Wallace, Maxine Seavey, Frank Green, and Genie Daley.

Birthdays this week: November 21, 2011 Travis Wallace, Bob Moraisey, Sandra Smith. November 22nd, Keitha Smith, Roxy Whitaker. November 23rd Ashley McLaughlin. November 25th Brett Holst. November 26th Beverly Lawless, Steve Knowles. November 28th 2011, Tracey Mann Wallace. November 29th, Amanda Whitehead. November 30th Emma Hill, Carla Jundt. December 1st Tom Dwelley.

Until next week be safe and stay warm. or 454-0332. You can also drop of all news at Randy’s Variety.