May 2018

CRH Welcomes Ten New Trustees

Calais Regional Hospital welcomed ten new Trustees and one new Director at its Annual Meeting held on April 24.   Left to right: Bob Fitzsimmons, Scott Beal, Keitha Smith, Sheridan Smith, Merritt Loring (Director), Anthony Giard, Holly Gartmayer-DeYoung, Britani Holloway, Amy Jeanroy, Ian Pratt and missing from photo Jim Thompson.

New Storage Facility in Progress

The Wastewater Treatment Plant in Calais will soon have a new storage structure alongside the Waterfront. The building-in-progress is one of two given to the city by U.S. Customs when they no longer had a need for them. The other building is being utilized by the city as a salt storage unit. (Photo by Lura Jackson)

Exploring World Cultures with the Olivers - Australia

We are pleased to feature an ongoing segment based on the Oliver family’s weekly efforts to learn about different cultures and their cuisine. Each family member has selected a culture, and, going in order of oldest to youngest, Sherri researches the selected culture’s customs and foods for the family to share in.

Community Calendar

MAY 17: The W T Wren Post 23 American Legion Auxiliary will hold their Annual Poppy Drive in the local area.  Poppies are free but donations are welcome. Please support our efforts to help Veterans while remembering those who gave their lives for our freedoms.

CRH Excellence Award Winner

Dr. Nima Moghaddas is the 2018 recipient of Calais Regional Hospital’s highest honor, the CRH Excellence Award.   Co-workers nominate individuals for this prestigious award given to an individual who exemplifies teamwork, respect for people, service to others, outstanding customer service and dedication to quality.

Pastor Matt Visits Israel

By Lura Jackson


Traveling to the Holy Land is a milestone on any devotee’s path. For Pastor Matthew Burden of the Second Baptist Church in Calais, the experience of visiting Israel was a rare opportunity to see landmarks of Christianity, as well as to appreciate the region’s unique multicultural makeup.

Editor's Desk

Over the past two centuries, our capacity for travel from the St. Croix Valley has changed dramatically. The line of thought came to mind when I’d heard about Bill Gibson’s recent trip to Hawaii, which prompted a brief search to find out how long it takes to get there from here.